September 11, 2012

iPod Rumors Abound As Apple Announcement Nears

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

As September 12, 10AM PST draws closer, the final few Apple rumors are flying fast and furious. One developer has even thrown his hat into the ring, taking to Twitter (as one does) to more or less confirm several rumors. Not about the iPhone 5, but the iPod line.

With Apple expected to hold 2 press events, one tomorrow for iPhone and one next month for the rumored iPad Mini, many were left wondering where the iPod line would fit in these announcements. After all, we have been hearing rumors about new iPods throughout the rumor cycle, muted as they were by the loud roar of iPhone predictions.

Additionally, Apple normally releases iPod updates somewhere in between September and October, just before that all-too-important holiday shopping season.

Developer Will Strafach, for one, seems more than certain about these new iPods, tweeting, “everything that´s going on lately made me forget about the fact that the new iPod Touch and possible phone are coming tomorrow.”

“It´s not even worth leaking to press friend´s this close to launch, so: the new iPod5,1 is code name N78AP, and sports a 1136x640 display.”

As many were quick to point out to Strafach, 9 to 5 Mac had already predicted the 1136x640 display in May.

What is news, however, are the code names for these iPod Touches, the N78.

9 to 5 Mac also suggests that the iPod Shuffle could be available in 8 different colors, as well as more colors than just black and white for the iPod Touch line, a first for the iPhone´s younger sibling.

Strafach also took time to mention some specifics about the iPod Touch´s processor.

According to his tweets, the new iPod Touch will run a processor named S5L8942X, which 9 to 5 mac reports is much like the processor inside the Apple TV hockey puck box and newly tweaked iPad 2. Such a processor is a slight upgrade from the current chip; though it´s likely Apple could still refer to it as the A5.

9 to 5 Mac is also saying that their sources have told them the iPod Touch will remain at an introductory $200. With rumors of a new, possibly $250-$299 iPad Mini floating about, many have wondered where the iPod Touch price point would fit in the lineup.

After all, a $200 iPod Touch looks a bit ridiculous next to a $250 iPad Mini.

Wrapping up the iPod rumors, Strafach also took time to mention something called Panorama, a feature which he believes could be shown off by Phil Schiller in an iPhone and iPod Touch camera demo.

According to a 2011 post, 9 to 5 Mac had pointed out that iOS 5 had hints of such a panorama mode in its source code, enabling native panoramic shots on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

There are still no new rumors concerning the iPod Classic.

Apple´s top brass will take the stage tomorrow at 10AM PST.