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September 12, 2012

Send SkyDrive Attachments In Gmail With Browser Extension

Derek Walter for - Your Universe Online

While cloud files are excellent for accessing documents remotely, sending email attachments is another matter. looks to solve the endless searches through the file menu by putting access to cloud files directly in Gmail. is looking to solve this. The browser extension empowers Gmail to send and save attachments from Google Drive, Box, or SkyDrive.

The addition of Microsoft´s SkyDrive is a new update just launched this week. The cloud storage service offers 7 GB of free space, which many use for documents, photos, or other kinds of files. can be an incredible time saver. For example, if you want to attach a file from your Google Drive to an email you must either download it to your hard drive or switch to Drive and then share. While this is fine for some quick sharing, it reduces the flexibility you have of adding other formatting to the email or remaining in the same conversation thread.

To enable, you must install the plugin through Chrome or Safari. Then grant permission for it to access your Gmail account. A new box will appear that allows for you to pull in an attachment from any of the cloud accounts you wish to connect. is helpful going the other direction, as well. If you are not on your main computer, or just wish to save a few clicks, send a file directly into your preferred cloud service.

Your account hub on also holds a history of recent files, offering another place to hold those important documents, presentations, spreadsheets, or images.