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iTrinegy’s AppQoS Now offers Network Profiling and SLA ‘Response Time’ Management

September 13, 2012

CAMBRIDGE, England and RENO Nevada, September 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Organisations making changes to their IT environment (be it virtualization,
consolidation, hosting, cloud moves, new app deployment etc.) will benefit from AppQoS’s
Network Profiling capability which enables customers to profile metrics of application
response times, a vital KPI (Key Performance Indicator) in any SLA as well as allowing a
full assessment of network usage by the applications and users, prior to making any move
to a cloud based, or virtualized environment.

AppQoS [http://www.itrinegy.com/index.php/products/network-application-monitors/appqos
] now measures response times (network and application), profiles the network accurately
looking at the usage of the network by applications users, servers, video-conferencing,
VoIP etc. In this way organizations can fully understand exactly what network requirements
there are prior to any change and thus, exactly what will be needed to make it work in the
new environment.

Why is this important? Companies inevitably, for financial reasons or otherwise,
continue to make changes to their IT environment, doing everything from virtualization, to
data center consolidation through cloud, including “DIY cloud” (i.e. my own cloud) to
externally hosted cloud. But how can a company ensure the success of this without first
knowing what they are currently delivering both in terms of response times and network

Frank Puranik, Product Director advises “Response Time KPIs are a key “component”
within any SLA, but many companies have no idea what their current application response
times are. Without knowing current response times, prior to making changes, how can you be
certain you are getting the response times you want after the change?” Frank continues
“Even when there is no formal SLA document containing well defined response time and
availability there is an unspoken SLA and response time expectation. You know that the
unspoken SLA is broken when a user phones up and says the service is bad. So, no matter
whether you have a written or unspoken SLA, you need to understand your response times.
Knowing your own current usage prior to any move or changes should also be a no-brainer,
because at the end of the day your users will want their application performance to be at
least as good as it was, before any changes”.

AppQoS is iTrinegy’s award-winning application performance monitoring
[http://www.itrinegy.com/index.php/solutions/by-task/application-performance-monitoring ]
and management technology and has a unique architecture, making it incredibly scalable
with an ability to monitor and manage through alerting systems, informing when a service
threshold drops below an agreed Response time SLA, or when something starts to go wrong.
Real-time graphical reporting and visualization of key performance indicators provides
customers with a clear view of any monitored service status. Enterprises and Service and
Cloud Providers who need to manage application performance management (APM) across
multiple network segments will benefit greatly from its unique clustering capability, as
it delivers real-time, passive network full-stream monitoring, analysis, reporting and
health metrics for every network transaction over each monitored network segment,
providing a total aggregated end-to-end APM solution.

AppQoS delivers visibility of network traffic, networked application performance,
bandwidth contention and end-user experience and has unmatched deployment, operational
flexibility and scalability.

About iTrinegy

iTrinegy [http://www.itrinegy.com ] develops products that enable organizations to
address the whole Networked Application Performance Lifecycle(TM) from initial design &
development, through testing, QA, to production rollout and on-going performance
monitoring. Many leading organizations deploy iTrinegy technology including Alcatel,
Aviva, BlackRock, British Airways, BT, HP, General Dynamics, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Logica,
Raytheon, Thomson Reuters, Schlumberger, Starbucks, and Unisys. iTrinegy has offices in
the USA and UK together with a select network of specialist resellers.

For more information see: http://www.itrinegy.com.

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