Android Activations Topple Apple
September 13, 2012

Army Of 1-Billion Androids Expected To Invade Next Year

John Neumann for - Your Universe Online

Google, taking advantage of the tech world´s lull before Apple´s iPhone presentation, took a moment to crow about its own achievements on Tuesday and announced it had reached Android activations totaling over 500 million, reports Chloe Albanesius for PC Magazine.

The announcement came from a tweet from Google´s mobile chief Andy Rubin that said, “there have been half a billion android activations to date, with over 1.3 million added every day.”

These are numbers that are clearly ahead of Apple, which activated around 515,000 iOS-powered smartphones, tablets and media players every day in the second quarter of this year, writes Anton Shilov for X-Bit.

In total, as of last week, Google´s Chairman Eric Schmidt reported the total number of Android activations at about 480 million. That number includes more than smartphones, but all tablets, media devices, smart watches, and other gadgets with an Android OS operating inside of it.

Not bad for a market that has only been in existence a few short years.

During Apple´s presentation of the iPhone 5 yesterday, CEO Tim Cook said that it had sold over 400 million devices powered by its iOS operating system, which includes iPhone, iPod touch and iPad products, since their first launch in mid-2007.

Samsung, the largest manufacturer of Android devices attempted to temper the Apple enthusiasm by announcing sales of more than 20 million Galaxy S III smartphones and sales of more than 10 million Galaxy Note tablets, reports Eric Zeman for Information Week.

Add the 50 million combined sales of the original Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy II, those four devices account for more than 80 million of that 500 million total.

In December of 2011, 700,000 activations were reported. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day alone there were 3.7 million Android activations, which helped contribute to the 1.2 billion iOS and Android apps that were downloaded between Dec. 25 and Dec. 31.

Despite the number juggling that has each player skewing the market breakdown in its favor, Apple may be laughing loudest to the bank with a nearly 70 percent market share, according to IDC. So far, Apple has shipped over 84 million iPads, 17 million of them last quarter alone and all with profit margins that others can´t touch.

In the applications market, Android is behind Apple iOS in terms of number of applications available. Android offers over  600 thousand apps, whereas iOS features over 700 thousand programs for iPhone and over 250 thousand of applications tailored for iPad specifically. Apple reports that every iOS customer purchases more than 100 apps on average.

With 1.3 million devices daily, Google could well add 475 million new Android devices to its total during the 2013 calendar year. That will amount to 1.1 billion activations before January 2014. The one-billion-activations threshold itself will probably fall on or close to late September of next year.

Good luck Google!