Cisco Security Boosted for Cloud Based Data Centers
September 13, 2012

Cisco Unveils New Security Products for Cloud-Based Data Centers

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

In an effort to help boost performance and better protect virtualized and cloud-based data centers, Cisco Systems announced on Wednesday that it is beefing up its family of firewall and intrusion-prevention products, including new security software upgrades.

The new offerings include enhanced software for Cisco´s Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) line, virtualized ASA for multitenant environments, a data-center-grade intrusion prevention system (IPS) and improvements to Cisco´s AnyConnect Security Mobility Client, the networking giant said in a press release.

Leading off the list of new products is the ASA 1000V, a firewall optimized for multitenant virtual and cloud environments that´s built on Cisco´s Nexus 1000V Series switch. The new system complements Cisco´s Virtual Security Gateway (VSG) for “end-to-end security for virtual and cloud infrastructures,” Cisco said.

“A single ASA 1000V instance can protect many workloads with different security policies across multiple ESX hosts, reducing deployment complexity and improving scalability in heterogeneous environments,” Cisco said in its announcement.

The company also introduced its IPS 4500 series intrusion-prevention system (IPS), which delivers 10 Gbps throughput per rack, and is supported by the Cisco Security Intelligence Operation (CISO).

The system provides 400 percent higher performance density, consumes 75 percent less power and occupies 75 percent less rack space than a comparable system from rival Juniper Networks, Cisco said.

Jeff Aboud, Cisco´s marketing manager for enterprise network security, told eWeek that the IPS 4500 could intercept an intruder before it even enters the network, unlike rival systems that detect breaches only after they have occurred.

Cisco also unveiled a major update to its ASA operating system. Among the new enhancements in version 9.0 is scalability up to 320 Gbps of firewall, 60 Gbps of IPS throughput, 1 million connections per second and 50 million concurrent connections — eight times the performance density of rival solutions, Cisco said.

The company also introduced an upgrade of its AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, which lets users securely connect mobile devices to their corporate network. The latest update offers differentiated device access to help enable “bring-your-own-device” (BYOD) deployments, IPv6 capability and latest next-generation encryption, including NSA's Suite B Cryptography.

Finally, Cisco rolled out is new Security Manager 4.3, which ensures that security policy is uniform across physical, virtual and hybrid computing environments.

John Grady, senior research analyst for security products at research firm IDC, told eWEEK that Cisco´s latest products demonstrate the company´s commitment to a tentative road map that it outlined at the RSA security industry conference earlier this year, when executives said they would focus on securing the data center and the network perimeter.

Shares of Cisco´s stock rose 0.21%, or 4 cents, on Wednesday, closing at $19.08.