iMessage Goes Down, Twitter Reacts
September 18, 2012

Apple’s iMessage Suffers Outage On Monday

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Earlier this week, Apple finally ripped the “beta” tag from (something it will finally do for Siri tomorrow upon the release of iOS 6), bringing the joys of cloud-based computing and syncing to any and all, even if they´re PC users.

Apple also happened to build a handy tool into, allowing any and all users to check the forecast of the cloud, just in case their data or services aren´t acting correctly.

Who knew, then, that we´d be checking this System Status page just days after Apple gave us the option?

While all appears sunny and bright at the moment, things were not so cheery yesterday as many Apple users began to notice that their iMessages weren´t being sent. According to the usual shouting grounds whenever things go wrong in the world of Apple (Support Forums, Twitter, MacRumors Forums) iMessage began acting dodgy sometime yesterday morning, either refusing to send messages altogether or, more frustratingly so, sending some messages and not others.

iMessage, as you may recall, was rolled out last year with iOS 5, much to the chagrin of the carriers who likely didn´t take too kindly to having their text-messaging plans negated. Just like RIM´s BBM of old, iMessage allows iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and now, Mac users running Mountain Lion to message one another, all on Apple´s dime.

Therefore, iPhone users were still able to text normally with everyone, albeit with the usual carrier fee attached. iPad, iPod Touch and Mountain Lion users, on the other hand, were out of luck when it came to iMessage yesterday, and likely had to resort to either sending the old fashioned email or just pulling their phones from their pockets and sending a text.

As you might expect, Apple has not issued a statement about this outage and, unless something truly horrific had occurred, it´s likely Apple never will.

In this modern age in which we live, many report to the same place to vent their frustrations or look for answers when another piece of technology isn´t working. Some looking for a quick answer or a quick place to vent will head to Twitter, where they can say their peace, give it a trendy hashtag, and move on, patting themselves on the back for “participating” in yet another conversation.

Others seeking answers to these problems head to forums and message boards, determined to fix the problem themselves.

So, it has now become the new, grand tradition whenever the clouds go stormy to take a look at Twitter and forums to judge how people were feeling about these outages.

One @lalalakayyy had some other troubles, saying, “the only people i can text are those with iMessage. Must be the rain/storms? Idk.”

Another Twitter member known as @ImOnlyDBreezy complains, “iMessage be makin me mad sometimes !!”

Finally, @Selfmadematt posits that this outage could slow down the impending avalanche of new iPhone 5 customers, saying: “My iMessage ain´t working“¦Apple trying real hard to get us to order that new iPhone.”

While things seemed hectic on Twitter, those in the MacRumors forums instead gave a bit of a roll call, each stating their state, carrier and their status of iMessage.

Apple will release iOS 6 tomorrow, bringing yet another cloud service, Siri, to even more iPhones as well as iPads and even the new iPod Touch. If and when Siri takes a brief nap during the day sometime in the future, the resulting tweets stand to be hysterical.