PlayStation 3S Announced By Sony
September 19, 2012

Newer, Slimmer PlayStation 3s On The Way

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

You´ve waited and waited, and it´s finally here -- a thinner, marginal PlayStation 3 upgrade!

FCC filings for a “super-slim” PlayStation were discovered in early July, leaving some to wonder if these new designs belonged to a PlayStation 4 rather than a PlayStation 3.

On Tuesday, Sony made the news official, announcing the lighter and thinner version of their existing “slim” PlayStation. The form factor of the PlayStation isn´t the only thing getting the slim treatment; The new PlayStation 3 will also come with a price cut in the States. Starting September 25th, $270 earns you a 250GB slim PS3 bundled with a copy of Uncharted 3. The console sells for $250 without the bundle, while a larger, 500GB model will start at $300 and will debut in the States on October 30.

Each of these models offer a dramatic storage increase from the existing 160GB and 320GB units and will ship in one of two colors: Charcoal black or Classic White. The new, slim PS3 models have seen as much of a weight reduction as they have a storage increase. According to Sony, these new units are 50% smaller and lighter than the original 2006 PlayStation 3 units, and 25% less “bulky” than previous slim-line models released in 2009.

“In order to maintain the superior gaming experiences that you expect from us here at PlayStation, we are always looking for ways to change and evolve with your gaming behavior,” writes PlayStation´s Director of Hardware Marketing John Koller in yesterday´s PlayStation blog.

“As developers continue to release deep and rich digital gaming content, providing an option for larger HDD is essential, especially for games with large DLC packs, and full game downloads, as well as personal entertainment content.”

The timing of this release is entirely intentional, if not entirely predictable. Now is prime time for electronics makers to get their products out in the market for the upcoming holiday season. Sony also has some new competition from Nintendo this year as they release a brand new console, the Wii U.

Bringing the dual screen approach from the 3DS handheld, the Wii U includes a thin console and a large-by-today´s-standards controller with a touch screen built in. This second screen can be used to control the games as well as view other important game data and gameplay. Based on specs and price alone, the upgraded PS3 ”Super-Slim” seems to come out ahead versus the Wii U, with lower price points and much more available storage. For instance, for $300, you could buy a 500GB Slimmer PS3 (out next Tuesday) or buy an 8GB Nintendo Wii U when they release on November 18th.

Sony made the announcement Tuesday from the Tokyo Game Show, where game makers and electronics companies can show off their latest wares and introduce upcoming products. Just as they have before, Sony executives were all quiet on the PlayStation 4 front, a console which avid gamers have been clamoring for since the early days of the PlayStation 3.

Sony also took time on Wednesday to slim the prices of their antiquated PSP handheld gaming device from $213 to $175, according to the Associated Press.

Due to poor sales of their newer handheld – the PlayStation Vita – and the rising tide of competition from mobile gaming, Sony has seen their numbers slip to their lowest points in 66 years. Sony, however, thought it best to continue to push the PlayStation line.

"Even after six years, the PlayStation 3 has not lost momentum and continues to deliver powerful home entertainment,” said Hiroshi Kawano, head of Sony´s game business, speaking to the AP.