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GreenSQL 2.2 Provides Complete Security for Microsoft(R) SQL Server 2012 and SQL Azure(TM)

September 19, 2012

TEL AVIV, Israel, September 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

GreenSQL, the database security company, now ensures complete database security for
SQL 2012 (“Denali”) and SQL Azure with GreenSQL 2.2.

“Our technologies are aligned with Microsoft, ensuring its SQL Server 2012 customers
continue to have the same complete protection we have always provided,” says Amir Sadeh,
CEO, GreenSQL. “We have also bundled other enhancements to further increase our value to
our customers.”

GreenSQL 2.2 has enhanced performance and added significant business continuity
features. The high availability, multi-level fault tolerance, and bypass options ensure
clients’ databases are always readily available.

The new configuration wizard makes the solution even easier to install and secures
databases within minutes. All database settings can be configured in a single window,
allowing the business to be “three clicks away from protecting its sensitive databases.”

“By reducing installation complexity, we provide the necessary security without
requiring additional IT support or external consultants,” continued Sadeh. “Anyone can
easily install GreenSQL directly onto their critical databases.”

GreenSQL actively monitors databases, complementing SQL Server 2012 with more granular
security policies. GreenSQL halts SQL injection attempts, provides detailed traffic logs,
and offers real-time dynamic data masking, preventing DBAs or other unauthorized personnel
from accessing sensitive information.

For application data located on site, GreenSQL 2.2 has fine-tuned its network
protocols and T-SQL dialect and offers enhanced support for Microsoft SQL Server stored
procedures to ensure complete database protection.

“Our focus continues to be protecting companies from cybercriminals who want to steal
IP, defraud their clients, and ruin their reputations,” concluded Sadeh.

About GreenSQL

GreenSQL, the Database Security Company, delivers out-of-the-box database security
solutions for small and mid-sized organizations. Started as an open source project back in
2006, GreenSQL became the no. 1 database security solution for MySQL with 100,000 users
worldwide. In 2009, in response to market needs, GreenSQL LTD. developed a commercial
version, bringing a fresh approach to protecting databases of small- and medium-sized

GreenSQL provides database security solutions that are affordable and easy to install
and maintain. GreenSQL supports Microsoft SQL Azure, SQL Server (all versions), MySQL and


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