Apple And Samsung Still At It
September 23, 2012

Next Chapter Of Apple Versus Samsung Legal Battle Underway

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports — Your Universe Online

The patent battle between Apple and Samsung is apparently far from over, as both sides filed legal documents this weekend challenging a jury's August 24 verdict that awarded the iPhone and iPad manufacturer more than $1 billion dollars worth of damages.

According to Paul Elias of the Associated Press (AP), the Cupertino, California-based tech giant and their South Korean rivals filed paperwork late Friday and early Saturday asking a federal judge to "significantly amend -- or toss out altogether" the original decision.

The jury ruled that more than two dozen Samsung products had "copied critical features" of Apple's smartphones, and ordered the company to pay their American rivals $1.05 billion in damages, Reuters reported on Saturday.

In response to that verdict, Apple has asked for a permanent U.S. sales ban on all of the products found to violate their patents, as well as an additional $707 million in damages. Samsung, on the other hand, is seeking a new trial.

"In a motion filed late Friday“¦ Apple sought a further $400 million damage award for design infringement by Samsung; $135 million for willful infringement of its utility patents; $121 million in supplemental damages based on Samsung's product sales not covered in the jury's deliberation; and $50 million of prejudgment interest on damages through December 31," the news organization explained.

Reuters also noted that Apple is looking for a sales ban to be expanded to cover additional Samsung products that include features similar to those contained within the infringing devices -- a move that could potentially result in a U.S. ban on the sale of the newly released Galaxy S III smartphone.

Meanwhile, Samsung has petitioned for a new trial, claiming that the district court's "constraints on trial time, witnesses and exhibits were unprecedented for a patent case of this complexity and magnitude, and prevented Samsung from presenting a full and fair case in response to Apple's many claims“¦ Samsung therefore respectfully requests that the Court grant a new trial enabling adequate time and even-handed treatment of the parties."

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California, has scheduled a December 6 hearing to discuss the issues raised by both companies, Elias said. Samsung has told reporters that it would appeal should the judge deny their request, but neither firm responded to a request for comment on the matter.