Federation Without the Fuss for Microsoft Office 365

September 24, 2012

Scorpion Software announces the first strong, fully independent two-factor authentication and single sign-on solution for Office 365

Chilliwack, BC (PRWEB) September 24, 2012

Scorpion Software announces the first strong, fully independent two-factor authentication and single sign-on solution for Office 365.

“Microsoft takes security seriously,” says Scorpion Software CEO Dana Epp. “But to get maximum security, companies need to protect the keys to the front door — the passwords people use to get in.”

Passwords are frail and vulnerable to human error. In the last year, major companies like Yahoo, LinkedIn, eHarmony and Dropbox leaked millions of passwords. Because most people use the same password in a number of different places, just one stolen password could allow an intruder to access critical information stored in other Cloud services that may be used for work.

“AuthAnvil for Office 365 adds strong authentication and identity assurance, all while simplifying the user experience,” says Epp. “It eliminates the need to remember passwords, and allows users to login once to securely access all their email and business documents stored in the Cloud, from virtually any device.”

How does it work?

It´s simple really. Instead of using a static password that can be shared, stolen or easily guessed, users sign in once through two-factor authentication. With AuthAnvil, staff input a chosen PIN (what they know), and then a one-time password generated from an app on their smartphone (what they have). It´s similar to a bank card: they provide a card (what they have) and input a PIN (what they know). Essentially, they offer two factors to authenticate who they are to gain access. From there, staff can access everything without having to know a password.

“It doesn´t matter if a business is an enterprise bank or a small architect firm,” says Epp. “Every business needs to ensure that only the right people can get to their sensitive data in the Cloud. AuthAnvil for Office 365 is designed so that any size of company can easily implement stronger access security.”

What makes AuthAnvil different?

Microsoft offers federated single sign-on (SSO) to enterprise businesses, and uses ADFS and DirSync — a complex system that requires extra servers and many hours or days to implement.

AuthAnvil for Office 365 enhances businesses of all sizes, including the small business P1 and P2 plans, because of its direct federation capability to Microsoft´s Cloud Services. It helps companies save time and money because it works in minutes, not days — it doesn´t require extra software and server resources for ADFS or DirSync, or the time to implement them.

“Usually security and usability are at odds,” says Epp. “What´s great about AuthAnvil for Office 365 is that it actually simplifies how staff access Office 365. They can login once from anywhere, on almost any device, and get secure access to the Cloud. We´re excited to be able to make this available to all our customers who want simple, secure access to Office 365.”

AuthAnvil Single Sign On is now free

AuthAnvil for Office 365 combines the strong identity assurance of AuthAnvil Two Factor and the work efficiency of AuthAnvil Single Sign On to assist all our customers in securing a cost-effective solution. We are pleased to announce that AuthAnvil Single Sign On is now free with AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth. As of September 2012, all existing and future customers will receive the benefits of both products at $5/month or less per user.

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