Robotic Tail Wagging Mind Reading Fun
September 25, 2012

Robotic Contraption Reads Your Mood And Wags Your Tail

April Flowers for - Your Universe Online

It is so much easier to know how your cat feels than your boyfriend or girlfriend, right? The position of the ears, the movement of the tail; they give you more clues to go by.

Well, maybe you can play pin the tail on the boyfriend, now.

Neuro Ware, the makers of this year's hit gizmo, Necomimi — the kitty ears that read your brain waves and move to display them — has started working on a robotic tail that moves according to the wearer's emotional state. Just like Necomimi, there is a brainwave sensor you can wear under a hat that connects to the robotic tail.

The tail, called Shippo, is still in the prototype stage, but they have some interesting ideas for it. The tail has two modes: relaxed and concentrating. The tail moves "soft and slow" in relaxed mode and in concentrating mode it moves "hard and fast." The concept video shows it wagging rather enthusiastically when you are happy.

The video features a beautiful, contented young Japanese lady shopping and stopping in a park where she meets a Shippo wearing Frisbee player. From the rather energetic tail wagging, they must have fallen in love at first sight.

Shippo has one further feature, a social media connection. Some sites are calling this neuro-tagging because the tail registers your mood, tags your location and send it out to your social media sites via a phone app.

Though this has to be driving the furry and cos-play crowds nuts, it should send mixed signals to any real animal lurking nearby because when a real cat's tail is twitching that hard, they are anything but happy.