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NICE to Demonstrate Market-Leading Integrated Security Solutions for Safer Cities at IACP 2012

September 27, 2012

RUTHERFORD, New Jersey, September 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

NICE Systems (NASDAQ: NICE) today announced that it will be demonstrating its
market-leading integrated security solutions for safer cities in booth 1724 at IACP 2012,
the 119th Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference. The event will
take place from September 29 to October 3 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego,

Today’s cities face a variety of safety, security and operational challenges and
threats, including shootings, natural disasters, severe weather, traffic congestion,
fires, civil unrest, and terrorism. To mitigate the impact of these situations, city
surveillance centers need relevant, real-time information about what’s happening where,
and how to respond. Together, NICE’s integrated security solutions, which include NICE
Situator, NiceVision, NICE Inform and NICE audio solutions, help make cities safer,
securer and more efficient by equipping city surveillance centers with solutions that
deliver the right insight to the right people at the right time, so they can maximize
resources to respond more effectively.

“The strength of NICE’s integrated security solutions for safe cities is that they’re
sophisticated and flexible enough to address wide-ranging safety threats,” said Yaron
Tchwella, Security President and EVP Business Operations at NICE. “That’s important
because different cities face different hazards, such as weather threats or terrorism. The
real challenge in situation management is to be able to integrate best practices according
to each city’s environment and needs, which is where NICE offers expertise.”

Among the capabilities NICE will be highlighting at IACP are:

Intelligent, real-time alerting and streamlined responses: NICE Situator consolidates
information from many different systems to provide intelligent, real-time alerting and
streamlined responses. City-wide video surveillance can be seamlessly combined with public
and private video management systems (VMSs) and accessed through one interface, allowing
surveillance centers to significantly expand their intelligence assets and reach. In
addition, gunshot detection, License Plate Recognition (LPR), weather systems,
emergency/mass notification, traffic systems, and GIS can also be integrated. GIS
integration, for example, enables video cameras, sensors, and other assets to be overlaid
on the same map to give operators a better visual picture of unfolding situations.
Surveillance center personnel get complete information about an event and can manage
events from one system. Responses are also streamlined through automatic correlation (e.g.
between gunshot detection and video) and smart resource assignment (e.g. based on specific
resource attributes such as availability, skills, and location).

Improved collaboration: Through Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) integration, Situator
enhances collaboration between city surveillance centers and PSAPs (Public Safety
Answering Points), enabling them to share information during emergency situations. For
example, in the event of a serious accident or shooting, a 9-1-1 dispatcher could access
live video feed from a city surveillance network and provide additional details to first

Post event debriefing, incident reconstruction: City surveillance centers can leverage
NICE’s integrated security solutions, including NICE Situator and Inform, to reconstruct
incidents exactly as they happened. Video from multiple surveillance systems, audio
recordings, cell phone video, CAD screen recordings, and in-car police video can be
compiled into one incident timeline and replayed. Operator actions are also tracked and
documented. Documenting incidents in this manner allows the surveillance center to conduct
thorough investigations and provide compelling evidence; determine if procedures were
followed; address training issues; establish best practices; and continuously improve
responses to various threats.

At the event, NICE will be also participating in the IACP Innovation Theater. NICE’s
Director of Public Safety, Dan Robinson, a former police chief, will give a live simulated
demonstration of situation management in an Active Shooter scenario on Monday, October 2
at 3 p.m. (exhibit hall, Booth 3726). He’ll be joined by Chris Swecker, CEO of Chris
Swecker Enterprises and a former Assistant Director for the FBI and former CSO at Bank of
America. They will explain why situation management is essential for 21st century policing
and show how it can improve incident response and operational coordination.

The NICE Security Offering addresses the needs of governments and enterprises with
intent-based solutions for fighting crime and terror, by anticipating, managing and
mitigating safety, security and operational risks. The offering enables capturing,
analysis and correlation of data from multiple sensors and systems, including audio,
video, radio, geo-location and web, providing a framework for fusing data silos into a
single, holistic operational view. NICE Security solutions empower organizations to act
effectively in real time to prevent, manage and investigate incidents, ensuring fast
resolution and debriefing, and continuous security improvements. NICE Security solutions
are deployed worldwide in transportation systems, critical infrastructures, city centers
and enterprise campuses.

About NICE Systems

NICE (NASDAQ: NICE) is the worldwide leader of software solutions that deliver
strategic insights by capturing and analyzing mass quantities of structured and
unstructured data in real time from multiple sources, including phone calls, mobile apps,
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