FedEx Offering Quick Computer Repair Service
September 27, 2012

FedEx Is Now Offering Quick Computer Repair Service

Lee Rannals for — Your Universe Online

FedEx announced on Wednesday it is launching a new overnight computer repair service for major corporations.

The company said it is opening up its TechConnect service to Getac customers, a Taiwanese-based manufacturer of "rugged" computers.

"We found there was a high level of dissatisfaction in the marketplace," Tod Taylor, a manager at FedEx's TechConnect unit, told USA Today reporter Jefferson Graham. "What we offer is unparalleled turnaround time."

Getac customers will now be able to ship computers needing repair directly to the FedEx TechConnect repair facility for quick turn around times.

FedEx has been fixing its own technology for 30 years and is now using the same unit to fix computers from outside the company, as well, Taylor said.

The shipping giant is starting with Getac and hopes to expand to other computer suppliers that can handle PC repairs.

Initially, the focus will be on the enterprise market, but FedEx will eventually be expanding to small businesses and consumers.

Repairing computers that are still under warranty is free, but those computers with more advanced repairs that may not fall under warranty have prices that start at $50.

"The new FedEx TechConnect program will be a strong addition to our industry-leading 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty," Jim Rimay, president of Getac, Inc, said in a statement. "Our customers are on the front lines of some of the most hazardous, demanding, and time-sensitive professions in the world."

Taylor said the costs would be a little higher than those at chains like Best Buy due to their delivery charges.

Getac says its sales in the U.S. are up 360% this year and its parent company, MiT AC-Synnex, reported 2011 revenue of $25.3 billion.

The computer company was originally a joint venture with General Electric to supply computers to the Department of Defense that were capable of withstanding heat, rain, water, sand and drops and dings.

Getac also sells tablets based on the Android operating system. Its biggest seller, however, is the laptop computer.

"Consolidating the numerous steps of packing, drop-off, diagnosis, repair and shipment entirely with FedEx provides Getac customers with unprecedented turnaround times and open system visibility for tracking both the transit and repair status online," Rimay said.

Getac said it provided extensive onsite training to FedEx TechConnect technicians on its technology and features, certifying them to perform repairs.

"Rapid, reliable transportation is important, but only a part of the solution," Cary Pappas, CEO of FedEx TechConnect, said in a statement. "We bring everything together–the parts, technical expertise, and manufacturer-approved practices–with the same type of tracking for repairs that FedEx is known for with shipments, to create a turnkey technology experience that is unique to the marketplace."