Windows 8 Not Favored By Users
September 28, 2012

Over Half Of Users Prefer Windows 7 Over Windows 8

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Grab your popcorn, train wreck fans. It looks like Microsoft´s Windows 8 launch could be a spectacle that is not to be missed.

Many reviews for Microsoft´s newest desktop/tablet OS mash up haven´t been great, such as this one from Tim Edwards and even this one from redOrbit´s Google Guy, Derek Walter.

What´s more, even Microsoft´s partners are expressing their concerns about the latest OS, as Intel´s CEO told employees in Taiwan that Windows 8 isn´t ready for the limelight just yet.

Many have been using beta versions and other near-complete versions months before Microsoft´s October 25th release.

Now, the self-proclaimed largest Windows 8 help and support forum on the internet has conducted a poll of early Windows 8 users and asked them about their overall feelings about Microsoft´s latest and greatest. This poll sampled a large number of early Windows 8 users, more than 50,000, and asked these users what they thought about the new Metro UI and what Windows 8´s biggest strengths and weaknesses are. According to the poll, Windows 7 remains these users´ favorite operating system. In fact, they prefer the previous OS over Windows 8 at a rate of 2 to 1.

According to this survey, 53% of all Windows 8 users prefer Windows 7, while 23% still prefer the much older Windows XP. Windows 8 users seem to have shown some very modest enthusiasm concerning this upcoming release, as only 25% of those polled say they prefer the new OS.

As one might expect, Windows Vista is nowhere to be seen on this list.

This poll isn´t all bad news, however. One of the most heavily touted improvements in this new operating system is the speed increases given to boot up and shut down times. According to the poll, the users are really feeling this speed boost, as 55% of those polled said this was the best feature of Windows 8. The ease of installation got second prize, with 50% of users claiming it as their favorite feature, with Internet Explorer coming in at a surprising 3rd for most loved feature of Windows 8.

35% of those polled said they most disliked the advertised price of Windows 8, with 26% saying they weren´t keen on the system requirements and 25% saying they were none too pleased with some incompatibility issues.

Windows 8 will launch with promotional pricing, allowing users to upgrade for just $39.99, closer to Apple´s pricing when it comes to system upgrades. Without this promotional pricing, however, says users will have to pay nearly $200 to upgrade.

Windows 8 includes many changes to the common desktop OS, including the oft-discussed Metro UI. Complete with large, colorful boxes, large high definition images and simplistic typography, this UI is often seen either as a positive step in the right direction (if not altogether Apple-like) or as nothing more than intrusive eye-candy to get in the way of usability.

For those companies questioning if they should upgrade, some Gartner analysts are suggesting they not be “distracted” by this latest update.

"Get Windows 7 done, and then you can start to experiment and dabble with Windows 8, but don't let Windows 8 derail your Windows 7 upgrade project,” said Steve Kleynhans in a recent webinar.

"We really don't think Windows 8 will get significant traction as a PC OS in a corporate environment."