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50 New Enterprise Clients Sign up to QuBit OpenTag

October 1, 2012

LONDON, October 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Hearst Publishing, P&O Ferries and Kath Kidston join the Tag Management


More than 50 major businesses have purchased open-source enterprise tag management
solution [http://www.opentag.qubitproducts.com ] OpenTag (
http://www.opentag.qubitproducts.com) in the third quarter of 2012.

Leading enterprises including Hearst Publishing, Kath Kidston, P&O Ferries, Benjamin
Moore and Pandora jewellery have all implemented the OpenTag solution on their websites to
help increase site performance and marketing agility whilst decreasing development

With more than 800 clients on board, OpenTag is now powering more than $1.5 billion
annually in eCommerce transactions and manages tags for over 500 million page views every

Tag Management [http://www.opentag.qubitproducts.com/solution ] is fast-becoming a
‘must have’ technology on large business websites. In much the same way a marketer would
use a Content Management System to control pages and content, developers can use Tag
Management Systems (TMS) to control third party technologies (or tags) such as web
analytics or marketing tags from one central location. Using tag management, site owners
can increase site speeds, improve business agility, decrease marketing costs and enhance
data and privacy management.

OpenTag offers users leading-edge tag management
[http://www.opentag.qubitproducts.com/pricing ] functionality as well as significant
flexibility in offering managed and self-service options as well as a range of free and
paid-for pricing options and open data standards.

Graham Cooke, CEO of QuBit, said: “OpenTag is rapidly becoming the technology of
choice for site owners looking to join the tag management revolution. From smaller sites
looking for a free solution through to enterprises who want a more substantial, hosted
product, OpenTag has a model that works for everyone. When you combine that with its
cutting edge functionality through things like its Universal Tag
[http://www.opentag.qubitproducts.com/solution/universal-tag ] capabilities, and its plug
in tools such as affiliate de-duplication and privacy management, then it’s clear that
OpenTag is leading the enterprise market.”

Neil Cunningham, Head of Digital at Cream, said: “OpenTag has enabled us to work more
efficiently with Pandora as we approach their peak trading season. The flexibility of the
system has meant that we can easily support Pandora with all their tagging requirements
and it reduces time to deploy new technologies dramatically. QuBit provides us with a cost
effective and intelligent solution that supports our ongoing tracking, testing and

About QuBit

Founded by four ex-Google product, engineering and marketing executives, QuBit is
developing a new breed of data-driven website optimisation products. They have a direct
focus on enabling businesses to automatically improve and personalise the online

QuBit pioneers Customer Analytics, a new type of analysis that targets the user – this
approach offers a true interpretation of the entire customer journey and allows businesses
to fully understand consumer’s purchasing behaviours. This, coupled with advanced data
collection, machine learning and processing techniques help businesses rapidly optimise
website conversions – a key factor in driving sales and increasing profitability.

QuBit values agility and actionability – they’re able to make immediate improvements
to business’ websites, as well as ensuring that their findings are directly linked to
achieving prioritised business outcomes.

QuBit works with some of the UK’s largest ecommerce businesses and publishers to
increase conversions, sales and profitability from their web operations.

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