Google Surpasses Microsoft
October 1, 2012

Google Surpasses Microsoft Market Value

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

First it was Apple, now it´s Google who has surpassed Microsoft´s market value as they hit $249.5 billion today.

This achievement is seen as a sign of the times as the one-time unstoppable Microsoft has now had their market value surpassed by 2 of their fiercest competitors. While Google has now officially passed Microsoft, their value is still less than half of Apple´s $627 billion.

Some are viewing this change as a sign of a new era; as web beating PCs. Others are seeing it as a sign of the dominance of Post-PC devices, with Apple´s iOS and Google´s Android mobile operating systems powering devices that are outselling traditional Windows PCs.

Google skated past Microsoft late this morning, reaching $759.98 at 11:13 EST, giving them a market capitalization of roughly $249.2 billion. Microsoft, who still remains the largest software maker, dropped to a $248.7 billion valuation.

Each of these three companies, Apple, Google and Microsoft, started with humble beginnings as they bravely fought to change the direction of computing and technology.

Google now becomes the second-most valuable tech company in the world, just behind leader Apple, which also holds the title of World´s Most Valuable Company.

Apple was able to overtake Microsoft in 2010, thanks to the success of their latest innovation, the iPad.

“The PC hardware business is obviously struggling,” said Martin Pyykkonen, a Wedge Partners Corp analyst from Colorado, speaking to Bloomberg.

“The transition here is pretty straightforward in terms of where things have moved to and certainly that´s cloud, that´s Web.”

According to the latest ComScore results from this year, Google has captured a majority 66% of the search market in America, with Microsoft distantly trailing with only 16% of the US search market.

Google also looks to beat out Facebook in terms of display ads and banner ads, as well as become the number 1 provider of mobile ads, according to EMarketer Inc.

Google´s smartphone platform is also leading the charge, with 64% of the market share over Apple (19%) and Microsoft (2.7%.).

Microsoft, on the other hand, hasn´t enjoyed the similar success of Google in many years. The Redmond company announced their own tablet in order to compete with both Apple and Google´s offerings, yet the company has yet to announce a firm release date for this device, let alone allow any reviewers or developers the chance to actually touch one.

Microsoft´s newest Windows update, Windows 8, is set to release October 25th, though new reports show that users are already more inclined to stick with Windows 7 than upgrade their systems.

Windows 8 aims to use a similar operating system for both the desktop and mobile computing. While it sounds like a great idea on paper, many early adopters and testers have yet to fully comprehend how this update is supposed to bring the two experiences closer to one another, as well as understand how a touch-based interface is meant to be interacted with via a mouse and keyboard.