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New Era in Performance Assessment of Photovoltaic Systems Starts With pvSpot

October 3, 2012

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia, October 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

GeoModel Solar has launched SolarGIS pvSpot, a new generation performance assessment
tool for photovoltaic power plants.

pvSpot is a unique solution that can be used to detect underperformance of any
photovoltaic (PV) power plant in Europe and South Africa. It is based on the latest
advancements in satellite-based solar modelling and electricity simulation.

“Solar industry needs independent data and approaches for transparent evaluation of
existing PV capacities. Because pvSpot uses high-resolution validated satellite data and
proven algorithms, independence and quality of performance assessment is guaranteed. While
pvSpot can be used as a complementary tool for well-monitored utility scale PV projects,
it is practically the only reliable solution for medium-size and small PV installations,”
said Marcel Suri, managing director of GeoModel Solar.

Comparison of actual and expected energy production is the best indicator of
performance. For evaluation, expected production must be calculated precisely. This is
only possible if site-specific solar radiation information is available in real time.

Until now, a typical practice has been to acquire data from cheap sensors or nearby
meteo stations. Such approaches compromise on accuracy of solar radiation. Installing
high-quality pyranometers and related hardware is a better solution, but challenges still
remain. Ground measurements are often subject to errors due to missing or inconsistent
data, shaded or unclean sensors, and they require rigorous quality checking.

“We have decided to implement satellite-based data, to achieve harmonised, validated
and independent performance evaluation of our portfolio of PV power plants on regular
basis,” said Klaus Fuchs, CEO from RENERGIE Solarny Park Holding SK a.s.

Satellite-based solar radiation is a reliable option for investors and lenders. pvSpot
uses data from SolarGIS, recognised as the most accurate solar resource database on the
market. pvSpot has been showcased at EUPVSEC exhibition in Frankfurt and it is accessible
at http://solargis.info. The SolarGIS platform was recently acknowledged at SNEC
exhibition in Shanghai as one of ten most advanced technologies in PV.

About GeoModel Solar

GeoModel Solar is a Slovakia-based developer and operator of the SolarGIS database and
online system. The company aims to increase efficiency and reduce uncertainty in
developing and operationof solar energy projects by delivering bankable data and software
services supporting the industry in prefeasibility, design optimization, monitoring and
forecast of solar power. For more information, visit http://geomodelsolar.eu

SOURCE GeoModel Solar

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