Samsung Sends Out Mysterious Press Invites
October 3, 2012

Is The Samsung Galaxy S III Going To Get Miniaturized?

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

The company which made itself distinguishable by fixating on size and styluses might be changing its tune next week.

Rumors of a new, smaller Samsung Galaxy S III have been floating around for more than a year, but with a German press invite, some believe Samsung could be unveiling a Mini of their very own, mere days before Apple is rumored to unveil a Mini of their own.

As is often the case when tech companies send out press invites, the tech media have begun to dissect the message to decipher what it could really mean. The team at Unwired View have translated the text from German to English and say the message reads something like this: “Something small will be really big.” and “Get ready for a little sensation.”

The Galaxy “S” logo is seen as a ghost in the background, leaving many to believe Samsung will be releasing SOMETHING Galaxy related. The invite is devoid of any other hints and invites members of the press to an October 11th event. One less-than-credible rumor this week holds Apple shipping their press invites for their rumored iPad Mini event on the 10th.

According to Unwired View, previous leaked images suggested this mini version of a giant phone could pack a 4-inch, 480x800 touchscreen as well as a dual-core processor and 5 megapixel shooter on the back.

According to other rumors sites, this could be a low-cost, “value” Galaxy S III with a low resolution screen but running Android´s latest 4.1, an operating system coming soon to the large, original Galaxy S III.

Engadget, for instance, suggests this could be a new version of the Galaxy Ace 3, a midrange smartphone which could fit the bill as opposed to a Galaxy S III Mini.

It would be an interesting move for Samsung to release a “mini” version of a phone which takes so much pride in being so large. The near 5-inch screen of the Galaxy S III is either a turn on or turn off for most smartphone users. This large screen can make watching a movie, reading text, or even using GPS apps a delight. On the other hand, literally and figuratively, this size is not easily used with just one hand, with some tasks requiring 2 hands to accomplish with any ease.

It seems the tech press is in love with the idea of smartphone makers cranking out cheaper, smaller versions of their popular phones. For instance, an iPhone “Mini” rumor has been popping up with every rumor cycle for years. The expectation for Apple to create a cheaper version of their best-selling smartphone is often expressed by those who claim this move could help the Cupertino company cinch up the bottom and top ends of the market.

So far, both Mini rumors (Samsung Mini and iPad Mini event in 2 weeks) seem a little sketchy. It could be interesting, then, to see these warring factions both release Mini versions of their best-selling, larger screens at the same time.