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Netbiscuits Launches Pioneering Adaptive Web Development Platform Updates

October 4, 2012

NEW YORK, October 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Netbiscuits, the global leader in software solutions for adaptive web development,
today announced innovations that will enable enterprises to reduce the cost, time and risk
of creating responsive, touch-enabled web mobile experiences. Pioneering new features of
the cloud-based Netbiscuits Platform will empower organisations to securely develop and
deliver engaging web experiences with the latest mobile features customised to each

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In line with its commitment to help its enterprise customers accelerate the creation
and delivery of superior web experiences across the thousands of different devices their
users use to access their services, Netbiscuits is launching a series of tools and feature
enhancements for the Netbiscuits Platform, including:

        - New Application Management API that allows for easy and secure integration
          of the Netbiscuits Cloud Platform into existing company IT administration and
          development environments so developers can securely develop, test and monitor mobile
          web content with enterprise-grade security and tools they already use.
        - Netbiscuits Accelerated: a new platform feature that integrates the
          Netbiscuits Platform natively with world leading Content Delivery Network (CDN)
          providers. This enables enterprises to take advantage of reduced load times of up to
          50% to ensure consumers can access high-quality, complex rich media quickly on their
          web apps and sites across diverse mobile devices.
        - Netbiscuits Livebridge, a new software application empowering enterprise IT
          teams to securely test their mobile sites on devices in real time through the
          Netbiscuits platform, from behind their firewall, speeding up web build and change
          requirements. In addition Livebridge allows companies to deploy secure Intranet
          content for BYOD employee requirements.
        - Updated Integrated Development Environment (IDE) plug-ins, enabling developers
          to build rich web interfaces across multiple platforms more quickly by using the
          development environment most familiar to them.
        - New adaptive web development pre-programmed features and device functionality
          in XML, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 to accelerate web design with rich new features
          including extended touch functionality, rich media ad templates, integration with
          social networks, multi-touch maps and offline applications, so that enterprises can
          exceed mobile web users' expectations and design for multi-device and multi-screen

By utilising the new Netbiscuits Platform features and delivering faster response
times and feature-rich intuitive interfaces for their mobile web apps and sites in a
risk-free way, enterprises will be able to increase engagement with their customers,
driving customer loyalty and interest in their brand.

“Netbiscuits Accelerated allows us to manage the known and unknown spikes in traffic
by caching customized mark-up code for multiple devices on the edge of the network,” said
Joe Lalley, Vice President of Digital Products, Viacom Media Networks. “This has reduced
load time by two seconds, ensuring our users receive an optimal web experience no matter
the device or type of content the user is consuming.”

“As the first company to offer solutions for mobile web development and the first
provider to offer its services in the cloud, Netbiscuits’ goal is to help enterprises to
deliver the best user experiences across their web applications adapted to each device,”
added Michael Neidhoefer, CEO at Netbiscuits. “We are seeing increasing demand from our
customers to go mobile with their websites, both Internet and Intranet as BYOD (bring your
own device) becomes a major enterprise requirement. Our latest solutions demonstrate our
commitment to ensuring our customers can meet the needs of their ever more demanding users
faster, easier and more securely.”

Netbiscuits Accelerated can reduce content delivery latency time by up to 50 percent,
resulting in significant speed enhancements for content interaction to drive engaging user
experiences with rich media web apps and sites. For enterprises with high-volume traffic
and large-bandwidth-content delivery requirements, peak traffic requirements or a
geographically diverse user base, Netbiscuits Accelerated significantly increases delivery
speed and reduces load times for the end user.

Netbiscuits Livebridge is a new software application that enables enterprise IT teams
to securely test mobile sites by connecting internal workstations through the Netbiscuits
Platform. This allows real-time, on-device display of mobile sites during development
phases, reducing the risk of unpredictability during deployment. Particularly useful for
distributed or remote development teams, Netbiscuits Livebridge supports on-premises
development standards even for cloud environments and removes the need to set up web
servers or manage an FTP server during development phases.

Additional updates to the Netbiscuits Platform help to strengthen its position as the
world’s most comprehensive web development ecosystem. Updated features include developer
APIs, IDE plug-ins, integration with social networks, responsive images and image scaling,
multi-touch maps and offline applications. This suite of enhancements to the existing
Netbiscuits Platform and native integration with leading CDN, CRM, ERP, database
management and infrastructure solutions enables customers to reduce development time with
Netbiscuits pre-programmed web features and device functionality, to rapidly create even
richer web experiences for their end users efficiently and at scale. With the latest
Netbiscuits Platform, enterprises can quickly build adaptive web apps and sites and enable
touch features for the widest range of mobile browsers, devices and operating systems.

Netbiscuits Platform updates will be available from November 2012.

About Netbiscuits

The global leader in software solutions for adaptive mobile web experiences used by
enterprises worldwide, and daily by more than 15,000 professional developers. With a
global partner network and hosting in excess of 110,000 mobile web apps and sites,
Netbiscuits solutions are powered by the cloud-based Netbiscuits Platform – tools that
help to reduce cost, time and risk in developing mobile web applications to deliver a
customized and superior mobile user experience across all mobile and connected devices.
The Netbiscuits Platform is supported by a comprehensive ecosystem of web infrastructure
vendors and system integrators through our easy-to-use APIs and IDEs integration tools.
Netbiscuits’ Cloud Platform efficiently and securely delivers a tailored web mobile
experience through industry-leading testing and detection software and intuitive developer
shortcuts to create and deploy rich features on both legacy mobile devices as well as the
latest device and feature releases. Netbiscuits Platform enables superior analytics,
hosting and monitoring solutions allowing our customers to optimize and maximize user
impact and web monetization.


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