New iPods Possible In 3 Weeks
October 8, 2012

Rumors Have It That New iPods Could Ship By Month’s End

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

When Apple announced new iPod Touch and iPod Nano models last month during the combined iPhone 5 / iPod event, they began taking pre-orders straight away, with a promised ship date of “October.” That´s it, October. The entire month.

This is par for the course with Apple announcements. Whenever a product is set to be shipped more than 2 weeks away from their announcement, they get vague, using months and sometimes even entire seasons as projected ship-by-dates. In these cases, it´s easy for the cynical Apple customer to assume their products will arrive at the very last second, if not very close to it. More often than not, they´re right.

So for some Australian customers who pre-ordered the iPods Touch and Nano on the day pre-orders became open, their new Apple players could be arriving in 3 weeks´ time. Right at the end of the month.

SlashGear has the story, saying some Aussies have reported seeing a 3 week shipping date on Apple´s own Web site for their new iPod models. The American version of the Web site still shows a ship date of “October,” and when this writer tried, he couldn´t replicate a 3 week ship date claim on the Australian version of the site.

Macrumors said on Friday that some of their readers who pre ordered these new iPods also saw their packages move from the “processing” stage to the “preparing for shipment” phase, indicating an imminent arrival.

While these things seemingly indicate a last minute arrival, Japanese Apple blog Macotakara has floated the rumor that the fifth generation iPod Touch and 7th generation iPod nano will actually be available tomorrow, October 9th.

Macotakara also mentions, however, that this early stock will be tight.

Elsewhere in October ship date news, those early iPhone 5 adopters who require a 30-pin to lightning adapter don´t have much longer to wait in the month of October before they receive their tiny package from Apple. This adapter, as well an adapter with a short cord, became available for pre order on the day of the iPhone 5 announcement, with a projected ship date of, you guessed it, October.

9 to 5 Mac is reporting today that many of the first pre order customers (and I can confirm) received emails this morning informing them their adapter has shipped. In addition to the relatively controversial decision by Apple to change their proprietary connector on their new iPhones, iPods and, presumably, new iPads, Apple hasn´t made it easy for third parties to replicate these cords or adapters.

It´s assumed that Apple will instead license out this technology, making any third party adapter and cord makers pay a fee to make these accessories. When the iPhone 5 first became available for pre order there was some confusion about whether an adapter would be included in the box. Some claim they saw some fine print on the Apple Web site which suggested this adapter would be made available, but this text is nowhere to be seen now, leaving users to either buy new cords at $20 apiece, carry around their one free cord, or shell out $30 to buy to an adapter.

Apple is also expected to announce a new iPad Mini in the month of October, as well as a new version of iTunes. Yes, October is big month this year for Apple releases.