Sprint Offers Vanity Numbers
October 8, 2012

Sprint Offering Vanity Numbers For Customers

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

Sprint is going to be offering customers the option to get their own vanity number for their mobile phone for $3 a month.

The company announced that its customers will now get to pick out a combination of numbers to spell out their name, favorite team, or any five-to-10-number configuration.

Phone users will be able to call the customers by simply dialing "star star" and then the letters they have chosen for their vanity name.

The StarStar Me vanity number edition to Sprint is in partnership with Zoove, a Palo Alto-based company that has a registry of millions of numbers.

Zoove was focused on selling its "star star" numbers to businesses until it made this partnership with Sprint.

With only thousands of numbers sold and millions of numbers at its disposal, Zoove said it realized it was missing out on a large opportunity by not opening up its services to regular cell phone users.

"Distinguish yourself from the crowd with a StarStar number - a memorable mobile number that reflects you," Sprint said in an advertisement announcing the new system.

Sprint believes this service could be popular among professionals, students and families, Kevin McGinnis, vice president of product and technology development, said in a statement.

Users can pay $2.99 per month for calls within the U.S. from any Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T mobile phones. The service works on iOS, Android and basic phones, Sprint said.

"The goal of StarStar is to enhance people's lives using simple technologies," Joe Gillespie, CEO of StarStar parent company Zoove, said in a statement. "We are enthusiastic about this strategic collaboration with Sprint."

Users can sign up for the StarStar Me system by calling **ME, or by visiting the company's website.

It has not been reported yet if Zoove's partnership with Sprint is exclusive, or if the company plans on extending the system to other phone carriers.