Quit Smoking With Free Electronic Cigarette: Regular Smokers Experience Sleeping Disturbances

October 9, 2012

Nicotine addiction is one of the major challenges smokers face when trying to quit smoking. In its support, http://electroniccigarettehub.org is distributing free electronic cigarette starter kits under its try before buy campaign.

(PRWEB) October 08, 2012

Tom Pritchard from South Carolina speaking about electronic cigarettes said, “I smoked regular tobacco cigarettes for more than fifty years and I have tried quitting several times in the past. Now I am using electronic cigarettes and I am enjoying it and for the first time, I believe it is permanent. Moreover, I am saving lots of money.”

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According to a recent study conducted by German researchers, there is a risk of not getting enough to having disturbed and interrupted sleeps for smokers. The report was published in the Addiction Biology journal. People who used e cigarettes instead of regular cigarettes were though did not seem to be affected by this issue. While tobacco cigarettes remain one of the main causes of death, it is also turning up to be a great issue for smokers who are unable to get enough or uninterrupted sleeps per day.

The reports were assessed after studying the sleeping habits of 1071 people who smoked tobacco cigarettes and 1243 people who do not smoke at all. The results showed 28.1 percent of smokers experienced sleeping issues. It was also found that 17 percent of smokers claim to get six hours or less of sleep per day. An electric cigarette representative commenting on the findings of the report said, “Issues with sleeping is just another negative side effect that arises from traditional cigarette smoking. E cigs help people make the lifestyle switch from traditional cigarettes to a healthier one. Smokeless cigarettes contain no tar, smoke or ash, and will help to eliminate the negative side effects from traditional cigarette smoking while still enjoying the traditional cigarette sensations.”

Liz Davis from State College, Pennsylvania said, “After one month of smoking vapor cigarettes, I no longer had the craving to smoke regular cigarettes. Four months later, I stopped smoking completely. I just keep an electronic cigarette on hand in case of an urge.”

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At the end of the day, everyone wants to have a healthier version of themselves. Electronic cigarettes are a viable option to get smokers on the path to a tobacco-free life. http://electroniccigarettehub.org not only provides information, but also free e cigarette starter kits for those who would like to be proactive about quitting smoking.

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