Google Moves To Improve Android Tablet Apps
October 9, 2012

Android Tablet App Quality Checklist Issued By Google

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

Google issued new guidelines on Monday aimed at improving the quality of Android tablet apps.

The company unveiled a comprehensive Tablet App Quality Checklist to help developers ensure their apps “meet the expectations of tablet users through compelling features and an intuitive, well-designed” user interface.

The move could help Google resolve one of the biggest criticisms leveled at Android tablet apps: that too many are simply blown-up versions of smartphone apps.

Anticipating a surge of Android tablet sales during the upcoming holiday shopping season, the company said it wants to make sure developers seize the opportunity to create the kinds of high-quality apps it wants to feature in Google Play.

“With the holiday season now approaching, we´re creating even more ways for great tablet apps to be featured in Google Play - including a series of new app collections that highlight great apps specifically for tablet users,” wrote Reto Meier, Android Developer Relations Tech Lead, in a blog post on Monday.

The new checklist is basically a best practices guide, and includes ten critical items for developers to incorporate in their development process: core app quality, tablet-optimized layout, full screen utilization, total asset utilization, proper font and touch targets, accuracy, homescreen widgets that fit tablet screens, full featured apps across all devices, no required hardware features, tablet screen support and following best practices for publishing in Google Play.

Each focus area comprises several smaller tasks or best practices.

“As you move through the checklist, you'll find links to support resources that can help you address the topics raised in each task,” Meier wrote.

Google said it would share additional tablet app development tips every day this week on its +Android Developers blog.

“The Tablet Quality Checklist is a great place to get started, but it´s just the beginning,” Meier wrote.

The company said it would provide additional guidance throughout the week to developers seeking to optimize their apps for Android tablets.

“In Android Developers Live, Tuesday´s Android Design in Action broadcast will focus on optimizing user experience for tablets, on Thursday we´ll be interviewing our tablet case studies during Developers Strike Back, and on Friday´s live YouTube broadcasts of The App Clinic and Friday Games Review will be reviewing apps and games on Android tablets,” Meier wrote.