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Aditi Technologies Appoints Ryan Dunn as Director of Product Services

October 10, 2012

SEATTLE, BANGALORE, NEW YORK, LONDON, October 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Aditi Technologies [http://www.aditi.com ], a leading cloud solution provider and
Microsoft technology partner, has announced that Ryan Dunn, formerly one of the first
technical evangelists for Windows Azure at Microsoft Corp., has joined the company as the
Director of Product Services. In this role, Ryan will focus on building and delivering new
product services that Aditi plans to bring to market over the next year.

“Ryan is a key influencer in Windows Azure community and has helped to drive the
adoption of Windows Azure across some of Microsoft’s largest customers,” said Wade Wegner,
CTO at Aditi Technologies. “Ryan has first-hand experience building cloud-based product
services on Windows Azure to support some of the largest enterprise and consumer

Ryan comes to Aditi from Opstera, where he was responsible for the flagship Windows
Azure monitoring and autoscaling SaaS product AzureOps.com. Prior to this, Ryan worked at
Microsoft where he was one of the first Technical Evangelists for Windows Azure. Ryan was
instrumental in driving several key resources like the early Windows Azure Training Kits,
many popular samples, several major keynote demos, and the Cloud Cover show on Channel 9
[http://channel9.msdn.com/Niners/dunnry ]. As one of the first ‘Red Dog’ users, Ryan has a
wealth of knowledge about Windows Azure as well as the Windows Azure platform. Before
joining Microsoft, he was a Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET and wrote a book on programming LDAP
in .NET. Ryan is active online at Stack Overflow
[http://stackoverflow.com/users/375911/dunnry ], Twitter [https://twitter.com/dunnry ] and
shares his experiences on his blog Extemporaneous Mumblings [http://dunnry.com/blog ].

“We are thrilled to have Ryan join our cloud team at Aditi. As we help organizations
across the globe realize the benefits of IP led delivery, Ryan’s deep knowledge on
building cloud based IP is pivotal,” said Pradeep Rathinam, CEO at Aditi Technologies. “We
are experiencing double digit QoQ growth and as we scale, our ability to leverage IP and
frameworks in building solutions is going to be critical. Ryan will lead the charter to
build reusable solution accelerators that can drive time to market acceleration for our
customers through IP led services.”

About Aditi Technologies

Aditi is a technology services company specializing in helping product companies and
enterprises transform their business with cloud. Aditi is one of the top three Microsoft
cloud solution providers globally, and one of the top five Microsoft technology partners
in U.S. Aditi is voted as one to the top 10 IT workplace in India.

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