Samsung Galaxy S III Mini Is Likely Very Real
October 10, 2012

Galaxy S III Mini Will Most Likely Be Unveiled Tomorrow

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Samsung sent out an interesting press invite last week, asking members of the media to join them in Germany as they unveiled a “little sensation” which also promised to be “really big.”

Rumors began to fly immediately about a possible Galaxy S III Mini, or some other kind of miniaturized Samsung device.

According to several reports this morning from Reuters and The Wall Street Journal, Samsung´s president of mobile, JK Shin, has tipped his proverbial hat about his company´s plans to release a shrunken version of the popular Samsung Galaxy S III in Europe.

According to Shin, the S III Mini will ship with a screen similar to Apple´s iPhone 5 in size, 4-inches. Most of the larger Galaxy S III´s functionality will remain, said Shin, just tucked away into a smaller package.

“We are anticipating that there will be demand for the 4-inch device in the European market,” said Mr. Shin, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Shin did not give any details about price, other than to say this new Mini phone won´t merely be an “entry-level” device. This slight hint could mean this new Mini could be priced similarly to its giant, 4.8-inch older sibling. Like many high-end smartphones, the larger, existing S III retails at $200 on subsidy with the obligatory carrier contract.

The timing of this move, as well as the move itself, is quite interesting. Samsung´s press event is scheduled for tomorrow in Frankfurt, and while Shin´s announcements this morning doesn´t totally negate the point of this event, it does seem a little interesting that he´s willing to drop such a heavy-handed hint today of all days.

After all, though nothing is official until it is, Apple is widely expected to send out their own press invites today for their much-rumored iPad Mini. Though a 4-inch S III and a 7.85-inch iPad will likely target 2 different consumers, companies will often attempt to squeeze in their announcements just before any Apple event.

Secondly, it´s hard not to see this move as a direct attack on Apple´s latest iPhone 5. The Galaxy S III has some impressive specs, but its wide, 4.8-inch screen can be divisive, either sealing the deal for potential customers or sending them packing. A 4-inch S III (even a European-only model) could make the decision between the two phones even easier.

As the war between Apple and Samsung (or more precisely, Apple and Android) rages on, Samsung has in many ways become the anti-Apple, releasing whoppers of devices meant to be poked at by styluses. As pointed out by Aloysius Low in a CNET report, an unnamed Samsung executive even praised the larger screens, saying in a meeting during the battle with Apple this summer: “Our biggest asset is our screen. It is very important that we make screen size bigger, and in the future mobile phones will absorb even the function of e-books.”

According to Reuters, Mr. Shin also let some information slip about their latest suit against Apple, saying they do not plan to use their 4G LTE patents to attack their rivals.

Samsung has already announced their intentions to continue with a lawsuit against Apple. Before the iPhone 5 was released, Samsung claimed they would add the iPhone 5 to the existing lawsuit once they had a chance to get their hands on the thing and discover just how their patents were infringed.