Apple Products Are Loved By Teens
October 11, 2012

Teenagers Prefer iPhones And iPads

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Sure, Samsung wants everyone to believe that only lame, vest-wearing parents dig the iPhone, but a new report from Piper Jaffray´s Gene Munster suggests that kids these days still prefer Apple´s iPhone.

Munster is hip with the kids, conducting a survey a couple times a year to measure which gadgets the kids are totally hot for. After interviewing some 7,700 American youths, Munster says Apple is still as hip and cool as they ever were, with 40% of these skinny-jean and fur-lined coat wearing youngsters saying they already own an iPhone. A larger 62% of those teens who spoke with Munster said they didn´t have an iPhone just yet, but they´d really like to get one whenever their parents buy them a new phone.

What´s more, Apple lust appears to be climbing this year among teens, as the number of those wanting new Apple gear grew in between the two surveys, despite Apple releasing nothing in this time frame.

To be fair, the rumor mill can do just as much to ramp up excitement over new products just as well as a product release can.

In the spring 2012 survey, 34% of teens surveyed said they already owned an iPhone while the fall survey showed 40% claiming they already own an Apple smartphone.

Only 22% of these teens said they planned to buy an Android phone when the time comes.

These kids also love the iPad, according to Munster´s numbers.

This spring, 34% of teens said they owned a tablet, 72% of which said they owned an iPad. 74% of those who didn´t own a tablet yet said they´d be buying iPad when the time comes.

"We believe it is a positive sign for the power of the iPhone among younger users that Apple was able to expand its market share with teens despite no new product launches between our spring and fall 2012 surveys," said Munster in his note to investors on Tuesday.

Münster also claims a new, iPad Mini could help spark a new fire in the hearts of these teenagers for Apple.

While these numbers appear to show some growth for Apple among young kids with, how do you say, “Flexible” incomes, these statistics won´t mean anything until parents actually hit the Apple stores this holiday season to buy these iPads and iPhones for their acne-ridden children.

In addition to suggesting that kids will be asking their parents for new iPhones this year, this 62% and 22% number can also suggest the growing adoption rates of smartphones which has steadily been on the rise in recent years.

These numbers could also suggest Apple´s lead in the tablet market won´t be slowing down anytime soon. With 72% of these kids being certified iPad toters, there´s not much room for any other competitors. If an iPad Mini furthers this, we could see the same thing happen to tablets that happened to MP3 players at the turn of the century.