eBay Undergoes Redesign
October 11, 2012

eBay Announces New Website Design, Logo

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

eBay will be launching a new, redesigned website over the next 100 days in the U.S., and reports are coming back positive so far.

The new design is being likened to Pinterest, the social network site that allows users to pin things to their board that they find while scouring the Internet for wedding dresses and funny photos.

The new eBay will be visually-oriented, offering up to shoppers who like to just browse a better interface to do so.

eBay hired most of the staff of Svpply, a two-year-old site with similar tastes as eBay's redesign, last month.

The company showed off the new Web page at a press event and "officially announced its same-day shopping app, but it has been testing that in San Francisco for a bit and, for now, that´s the only place you can use it," according to AllThingsD.

Product pages on the new site feature bigger images and cleaner item information, making it seem less cluttered.

The redesigned website introduces a better search experience that is designed to help users find items they are searching for more easily.

There is also a new “wish list” feature, showing users pictures of items that have been listed recently so they can grab items they have had their heart set on.

PayPal accounts can also be linked directly to eBay accounts now, making it easier for users to spend money without hesitation.

A Pinterest-inspired site wasn't the only thing the 17-year-old company unveiled today. eBay also showed off a new company logo, more simplified than their last.

Rather than the cluttered, staggered letters, the eBay logo features its four simple letters in a typical font.

While eBay has experience in the online auction world, it is opening up its horizons with the announcement of the website redesign, while trying to adjust to a changing world.