Groupon Leaves A Breadcrumb Trail
October 11, 2012

Groupon Launches Breadcrumb POS Service Nationwide

Lee Rannals for — Your Universe Online

Groupon launched a service called Breadcrumb across the U.S. on Wednesday that acts as a point-of-sale service for restaurants, bars and cafes.

The service was designed as a start-up founded by Seth Harris. Groupon acquired the business back in May.

Breadcrumb has been offered as a test to about 100 restaurants, bars and cafes in New York, but on Wednesday the service was launched nationwide.

The service acts as a sales, order management and reporting system for the businesses, and can be run on one iPad. To run the service on just one iPad costs $99 per month, for two iPads it is $199, five iPads is $299, and 10 iPads would be $399 per month.

Restaurants can purchase iPads from Breadcrumb for cost, or they can buy their own or use their current device.

"Restaurants, bars and cafes are such an important vertical for Groupon," Harris said in a statement. "In the next couple of quarters, we will roll out our service nationwide and get as many restaurants running on Breadcrumb as possible."

Groupon launched a product sales business last year called Groupon Goods, and recently unveiled a payments service for local merchants.

The company is planning to offer its new payments service through Breadcrumb, but business customers are free to use their existing payments services as well if they would prefer.

"We built Breadcrumb to solve a problem I faced, and I truly believe in its power to make hospitality folks´ lives easier," Harris said in a blog post. "We´re excited to bring Breadcrumb to even more businesses and contribute to Groupon´s continued transformation into the world´s local commerce operating system!"

Customers will also get to enjoy 24-hour, 7 days a week technical support from a team of "specialists who have years of restaurant and bar experience."

The service is able to take and place orders, manage tables, process payments and analyze sales so merchants can learn about improving their business.

"Servers can search for menu items or rearrange tables with a finger swipe, software updates are free and automatic, and we even ship new customers an all-in-one Breadbox that contains all hardware required to get started," Harris wrote.