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Radware Launches In-Depth Resource for Information Security Professionals

October 15, 2012

MAHWAH, New Jersey, October 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Radware(R), (NASDAQ: RDWR), a leading provider of application delivery
[http://www.radware.com/Products/ApplicationDelivery/default.aspx ] and application
security [http://www.radware.com/Products/ApplicationNetworkSecurity/default.aspx ]
solutions for virtual and cloud data centers, announced the launch of a new online
resource called “DDosWarriors.com”

This in-depth resource is accessible at http://www.DDoSWarriors.com and provides a
comprehensive analysis on denial-of-service (DoS) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS)
attack tools, trends and threats.

Radware not only created this site in order to bolster current resources for network
security professionals, but to educate them with invaluable information on various
attacks. The site also provides an unprecedented level of technical detail across all of
its attack reports and resources.

Driven by content developed by Radware’s security experts including the Emergency
Response Team [http://www.radware.com/Customer/SecurityZone/ERT.aspx ] (ERT), site
visitors can review first-hand accounts and analysis that will guide proactive
implementation of defense techniques and solutions.

The ERT has extensive experience by successfully dealing with some of the industry’s
most notable hacking episodes ‘in the wild’ as they occur and has deep experience aiding
customers in mitigating new threats on a daily basis.

Users of the site will have access to Radware’s real-time Threat Alerts that describe
various types of attacks on network systems as well as value-added resources including:

        - Interactive Threat & Attacks Map
          The site's exclusive DDoS attack map (http://www.ddoswarriors.com/threats-attacks
          [http://security.radware.com/Threats-Attacks ]) interactively displays the volume and
          location of DDoS attacks worldwide. Visitors can drill down to certain attacks and
          learn about attack type, industry vertical, and attacks vectors to better understand
          current and ongoing DDoS threats worldwide.
        - Attack Reports & Threats Library
          Users can go "inside the attack" with the site's resource library of real-life
          technical attacks and case summaries from the ERT. Downloadable attack reports
          (http://www.ddoswarriors.com /threats-attacks/report
          [http://security.radware.com/Threats-Attacks/Reports ]) provide users with extensive
          details on the timeline of events, attack vectors as well as attack mitigation
          screenshots. Users can also filter the Threats Library by tool, attack alert and
          vulnerability, helping them identify the nuances of various attack tools.
        - Knowledge Center, DDoSPedia and Survival Handbook
          Security professionals can take advantage of Radware's domain expertise by visiting
          the site's detailed glossary, the DDoSPedia (
          http://www.ddoswarriors.com/knowledge-center/DDoSPedia). Radware has also
          published the DDoS Survival Handbook [http://www.ddoswarriors.com/knowledge-center ],
          an essential guide to everything security professionals need to know about DoS and
          DDoS attacks. The handbook covers a range of topics from a detailed evolution of DDoS
          attacks to a system administrator's hour-by-hour account of what it is like to have
          your organization under DDoS attack.
        - Experts' Insider(Security Research Center & Learn from the Experts)
          Site visitors can participate in ongoing training in the Security Research Center,
          where the ERT provides ongoing analysis of the latest attacks and tools (e.g. the
          Darkness bot). In the "Learn from Experts" section, visitors can view user-intuitive
          videos from the Radware ERT (


          [http://security.radware.com/experts-insider/Learn-from-Experts ]). Each video
          dissects a specific network and application security related question, along with
          tutorials, white board discussions and animations. From learning how a slowloris
          attack works to examining the spoofing capabilities of the hping, visitors can
          quickly arm themselves with the knowledge required to put successful mitigation
          systems in place.

“Our goal with DDoS Warriors is to create a ‘go-to’ resource for security
professionals who want to stay up to date and dig deeper into network threats beyond
surface-level analysis, as well as identify available safeguards,” says Radware director
of security, product marketing, Ronen Kenig.

“A high level overview of DDoS attacks won’t do the job. In order to protect an
organization’s application infrastructure, today’s security professional needs access to
in-depth, technical analysis of threats and attacks,” adds Kenig. [Tweet Kenig's Quote
[http://clicktotweet.com/4exff ]]

Beyond the downloadable reports and resources available on the DDoS Warriors site,
visitors also have access to expert commentary on new threats, best practices and industry
news via the Radware Blog [http://blog.radware.com ], helping security professionals stay
ahead of the evolving threat landscape. The DDoS Warriors site will also be frequently
updated with features, functionality and additional content.

About Radware

Radware [http://www.radware.com ] (NASDAQ: RDWR), is a global leader of application
delivery [http://www.radware.com/Products/ApplicationDelivery/default.aspx ] and
application security
[http://www.radware.com/Products/ApplicationNetworkSecurity/default.aspx ] solutions for
virtual and cloud data centers. Its award-winning solutions portfolio delivers full
resilience for business-critical applications, maximum IT efficiency, and complete
business agility. Radware’s solutions empower more than 10,000 enterprise and carrier
customers worldwide to adapt to market challenges quickly, maintain business continuity
and achieve maximum productivity while keeping costs down. For more information, please
visit http://www.radware.com.

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