Big Mini Day For Apple?
October 15, 2012

Will October 23 Be A Big Mini Day For Apple?

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

October 10th came and went last week, quiet as a mouse, nary an Apple press event invite sent. After Phillip Elmer-Dewitt first mentioned he had heard the October 10th date for invites for an October 17th event, many had assumed we´d be gearing up for new iPads this week. In fact, some case manufacturers also seemed to believe this rumor, shipping displays to Best Buy stores with a note instructing all employees not to open the box until October 17th.

Last Friday, however, John Paczkowski of All Things D gave us another glimpse of hope with a new alleged iPad Mini release day late in the month.

Since then, this new date has received the coveted “yep” from Jim Dalrymple and even a few suggestions that Apple could introduce more than just iPad Minis at this event.

Pointing back once again to an earlier report they had made, Paczkowski said his sources have confirmed an October 23rd unveiling of the much-rumored iPad Mini. This places the event on a Tuesday, a break from tradition as Apple normally holds their events on Wednesdays. If this date is true, and many suspect it is, Apple should be sending press invites out tomorrow, October 16th.

As Paczkowski also mentions, October 23rd is not only 3 days before a Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface release, but 2 days before Apple reports earnings for their latest quarter. With the event falling so closely to this earnings call, it wouldn´t be a surprise if Apple opened up preorders on the same day in order to have a figure to brag to investors about.

Paczkowski also says while there´s no definitive word on the location of this event yet, he predicts it will be held on Apple´s own campus in their Town Hall Auditorium, where the iPhone 4S was announced.

Completely unlike the iPhone 5, there are fewer nailed-down specifics about the rumored iPad Mini. Most assume this device will have a 7.85-inch screen and come close to matching the internals of the iPad 2. The rest could be a total surprise come October 23rd.

Today, 9 to 5 Mac jumps once more into the fray, “Confirming” that the rumored October 23rd event could also hold a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display announcement. Apple released the new, 15-inch Retina Display MacBook Pro this summer at their WWDC announcement. This new portable Mac is thinner, lighter, boasts some very impressive speeds and, of course, features that big, beautiful Retina display. The 13-inch version should bring more of the same in an even smaller and lighter form factor. According to, this new MacBook Pro with Retina could also carry the same port layout as its 15-inch sibling as well as an “Unprecedented” battery design.

Finally, in addition to an iPad Mini, a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display and iTunes 11, 9 to 5 Mac is also reporting Apple may well be releasing an update to their Mac Mini, a line which hasn´t been updated since last summer. These other “Minis” are often used as servers and entertainment hubs. 9 to 5 Mac suggests these new models could ship in two different configurations with varying storage and processor options, as well as a third model which will run OS X Server.

While there are many who would love to see an updated Mac Mini and 13-inch MacBook Pro, it´s important to remember that 9 to 5 Mac also predicted a WWDC wherein Apple revamped their entire Mac line. An iPad Mini and a 13-inch MacBook Pro seems ambitious enough. If Apple does revamp their Mac Mini, it´s likely they´ll do it without fanfare and simply begin offering the new configurations on their website.

Looks like we only have a little more than a week to find out.