Simply Electronics Comments on Cell Phones’ Place In-Flight

October 16, 2012

A new article discusses hesitations from airlines and passengers when it comes to allowing cell-phone use in-flight. Simply Electronics comments on these hesitations.

New York, New York (PRWEB) October 15, 2012

A new article from The Los Angeles Times discusses the possibility of cell phone use in-flight, stating that this is already an option on several airlines with routes to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. However, some American airline carriers and their passengers express concerns about the use of cell phones while flying. Simply Electronics, a popular online retailer that specializes in consumer electronic devices, weighs in on these hesitations.

The article explains that Thai Airways, which regularly transports passengers from Los Angeles to Bangkok, is the latest airline to allow cell phone use onboard. Twenty other foreign carriers already allow the practice. However, despite reassurance from aviation experts that airborne calls are safe, some U.S. airlines are not looking to change the rules about cell phone use any time soon.

Mary Frances Fagan, a spokeswoman for American Airlines simply says, “It´s not a priority of ours right now.”

While the Federal Aviation Administration and the Federal Communications Commission currently have a ban on outgoing or incoming cell phone calls occurring in-flight on planes operating in U.S. airspace, the groups say they would honor requests from airlines looking to change these rules. Part of the reason for the hesitation to change the policy, the article explains, is because of the extra cost required to test, install, and operate cell phone technology onboard.

There is also a fear that if cell phone use on planes was allowed it would cause aggravation for both passengers and crew. In fact, some flight attendants have expressed fears that allowing cell phone use would make their jobs more difficult. However, many believe that a change in policy would not create additional problems.

Brett King, an author and speaker on the banking industry who has flown on airlines where cell phone usage is allowed, explains that passengers are required to keep phones on a silent setting. Planes also have a designated “quiet zone” where phone use is prohibited so passengers are able to sleep. King went on to say that fears of cell phones causing problems on planes are “unfounded.”

In a recent press statement, the team at Simply Electronics commented on this development noting, “Since cell phones have been prohibited on planes for so many years, this change would certainly take some getting used to for all passengers. However, with certain rules in place, it would be convenient to be able to make a quick and respectful phone call while in the air. If a flight is delayed or an individual needs information about making a connection, a person would have the ability to call a loved one on the ground and communicate. As long as passengers are respectful of one another, cell phone use on planes should not create a problematic flying experience.”


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