iPad Mini Invites Sent Out
October 16, 2012

Apple To Announce iPad Mini And More On October 23rd

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

Well, isn´t this interesting...Apple has finally sent out press invitations to an event where they´ll almost certainly announce the new version of iTunes 11. Oh, and that rumored iPad Mini thing too, I suppose.

It´s likely many did a double take when they saw these invites land in their inboxes, as many in the press have been burned once before when it comes to the rumored unveiling of the rumored iPad Mini. After Phillip Elmer-Dewitt first made mention of these press invites a few weeks ago, the suggested date of October 10th came and went without a peep from Cupertino.

Today´s invite falls in line with the rumor that Apple will hold their event on the 23rd and even suggests that Apple may be ready to announce not only an iPad Mini, but a Retina Display MacBook Pro as well.

The event will begin at 10AM PST and will be held at the California Theatre in San Jose, California. As an interesting side note, the last Apple event which was held here was the announcement of the iPod Photo wherein members of U2 performed.

As is the custom, Apple fans and tech writers have already begun to dissect the invite, looking for subtle clues.

For instance, the invite shows just the top of the Apple logo with the words “We´ve got a little more to show you” written at the bottom of the invite. The white Apple is set on top of a very colorful background, which looks a bit like splatter paint. Some have suggested the colors could mean multi-colored iPads, while others suggest this could be just as much of a music event (iTunes 11) as it is an iPad Mini event.

As the initial burst of excitement over the iPhone 5 died down (at least here in America, the new phone is still rolling out to new countries, like India) the rumor mill turned once again to the fabled iPad Mini. The Wall Street Journal took the time to “confirm” the screen size many had already settled with, saying LG and AU Optronics have been pushing out 7.85-inch screens for Apple for at least a month. For what it´s worth, DigiTimes had made the same claim months earlier in June.

According to the Journal, the iPad Mini will not have the same, high-def quality Retina screen as newer iPads and iPhones. Loved and loathed Apple pundit John Gruber has once before speculated that the iPad Mini could be the same screen as the 3GS, just cut a little larger.

Case manufacturers and mock-up artists agree on one thing, however: The iPad Mini will mostly look like the current iPad, only smaller.

One mockup has the rumored iPad Mini borrowing from the new iPod Touch design stylings, with a flat and colored brushed aluminum back and a stronger square case. 9 to 5 Mac posted some familiar mock up images, but much closer than previously seen before. According to these mock ups, the iPad Mini will also get dedicated volume buttons, just like the new iPod Touch, moving away from the rocker style. The bezel around the rear camera also looks to be tweaked, suggesting an upgraded camera.

There are still a few questions left unanswered about this rumored iPad Mini, the most pressing being price point and connectivity.

Regardless, Apple is planning to sell quite a few of these smaller tablets in the first quarter of availability.

According to a fresh batch of rumors on Monday, Apple could also be ready to unveil a new, 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, and possibly even a new Mac Mini revamp. As is always the case, we´ll see what happens whenever 9 AM PST strikes on Tuesday, October 23rd.