The Opening of New E-Liquid Website Lets Users Learn Truth About E Liquid Nicotine

October 21, 2012

Vapers learn the truth about liquid nicotine and how it has virtually no effect on human health. To order e-liquid or learn more about the different flavors, head over to eliquid.net.

(PRWEB) October 20, 2012

Electronic cigarette smoking is bigger than ever. Since its inception almost a decade ago, the number of tobacco smokers has steadily declined, a large majority of which switched to the use of electronic cigarettes instead. Long-term use inspires new innovations and technologies which make vaping all the more pleasurable to electronic cigarette users. One element which makes electronic cigarette smoking highly interesting is eliquid or liquid nicotine. Its role as a primary nicotine and flavor medium is the reason why chronic tobacco smokers have successfully shifted their attention to a brand new, pleasurable smoking alternative. However, there remain skeptics among us. Are eliquids really the better substitute to tobacco? Is liquid nicotine even good for the health? It may taste oh so good now, but how about tomorrow?

Liquid nicotine and electronic cigarette work hand in hand to create a pleasurable smoking experience to vapers. They are both considered as crucial items and undeniably, one cannot function without the other. The only difference between these two is that liquid nicotine is more diverse in nature; a quality which makes it the more appealing and interesting product between eliquid and ecig. Once a person has found a quality e-cigarette, they would normally use it on the long haul. The more enthusiastic vapers even create and modify their own electronic cigarette devices according to their own preferences. Once the device is set, now comes the more fun part; that which is using it with liquid nicotine. Liquid nicotine comes in a plethora of flavors and nicotine concentrations. This is what makes vaping an adventurous hobby, rather than a habit. Manufacturers of eliquid guarantee that ingredients are generally safe and do not pose any unwanted side effects to human health. And although electronic cigarette has been around for over ten years now, there is little evidence to support the claim that it is the healthier alternative.

Once a person visits ecig forums, product reviews, http://eliquid.net and other blogs, they will notice a common trend among its participants. Disgruntled, dissatisfied, and frustrated with the quality of liquid nicotine and eliquid solutions from various manufacturing companies. The complaints and bad reviews are endless nonetheless. Despite this, there are still manufacturers that offer low-quality eliquid to consumers. But not all companies are the same; as a growing number of companies abide by their main ethos; that which is to satisfy the craving of vapers for quality and flavorful ecig libations. But notice how negative feedbacks are all geared towards the flavor, and not of health-related complaints. Never will a reader chance upon a review where a vaper will complain that he developed COPD due to liquid nicotine inhalation. There is no published news regarding fatalities due to liquid nicotine overdose or eliquid poisoning, simply because that is but a silly notion. With these facts, it makes one wonder why so-called health advocates that prohibit the use of ecigs warn the general public about the hazards of liquid nicotine use. Of course, tobacco prohibition has amplified the problem, and tobacco companies are campaigning that electronic cigarettes should be banned mainly due to the fact that it´s a new technology.

All the issues raised against ecig use are nothing but a ploy that undermines the public´s ability to decide for themselves. There are no evidences that can solidify claims that eliquids are a danger to human health. The public is misinformed rather than educated about the advantages of using eliquid. Of course, advocates are not saying that it is a healthier alternative to tobacco. But vapers would like to convey the fact that there are more evidences against the dangers of smoking tobacco than that of eliquid inhalation. Tar, carbon monoxide, and second hand smoke are reasons why it´s best to veer away from smoking traditional cigarettes. Liquid nicotine use does not give one bad breath, does not stain the user’s teeth, and does not make the user smell bad. What vapers and eliquid manufacturers are trying to point out is this–the lack of studies and research about the safety of ecig use makes should never be a hindrance for the general public to take electronic cigarette smoking for a spin. Besides, vapers are not trying out all the delicious and sinful eliquid flavors for health reasons. They simply prefer eliquid over tobacco for the simple reason that it is more fun to use. The variety and dynamic nature of eliquid makes it the more favorable option over tobacco cigarette smoking. That is a fact that even health-conscious people will pretty much agree on as well.

It is fun to be a vaper, it allows one to explore the many flavorful possibilities that liquid nicotine can offer. But one hurdle which they need to routinely encounter is the problem of finding the right resource that can supply them with premium eliquid products. Yes, basically eliquid is composed of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or a mixture of both as base. These components have undergone heavy research and findings suggest that they are generally safe for human consumption. The addition of pure nicotine is optional as there are consumers who would rather eliminate its use altogether. And the last ingredient which is essentially flavorings, are what makes smoking electronic cigarettes fun, satisfying, and enjoyable. The quality of the flavorings makes or breaks the level of satisfaction among vapers. In order to guarantee an enjoyable and flavorful vaping experience, it is but necessary to be discerning when it comes to purchasing from dealers. And where else can one find quality eliquid products, like V2 Cigs latest V2 Platinum Liquid, than from the World Wide Web? It´s interactive, inexpensive, and convenient! By doing so, not only does one save time and money, but one is also guaranteed to be provided with adequate information about the safe and proper use of electronic cigarettes and eliquids too!

Eliquid.net was created to inform, educate, and empower vapers from all over the world. The website is an online platform where vapers can find premium-quality liquid nicotine at affordable prices. Recipes, mixes, and tips can also be found posted on the website, which aims to provide useful information for a more enhanced vaping experience. Forums and reviews are posted to increase awareness of vapers on the latest innovations and technologies in the electronic cigarette industry. Eliquid.net is partnered with the top eliquid manufacturers which ensure that consumers are getting the most out of their hard-earned money.

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