V2 Cigs Coupon Site Offers Top E Cigarette Discount Codes & Chance To Win 4X Any Order With Daily October V2 Cig Giveaway

October 22, 2012

Budget-conscious consumers may now use website V2 Cigs Coupon (http://v2cigscoupon.org) as a permanent repository of the very best deals and online voucher codes for V2 Cigs available, with constant updates and special offers featured. Plus during the remainder of October, shoppers have a chance to win 4X their order contents. Orders placed with the website’s special V2 Discount Links and utilizing one of two savings codes, EVAPE15 or EVAPE10, are automatically entered into daily random selection of one order which will be literally ‘Quadrupled’.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) October 21, 2012

In this challenging economy, several consumers are in need of ways to save money when purchasing quality products. Every dollar spent is duly accounted for, and everyone looks for affordable products without compromising the overall quality. Considering the economic plunge in the country, V2 Cigs have decided to offer coupons to those who patronize their products and provide great ways to minimize the financial burden of their consumers.

This newly-launched website offers individuals instant discounts and massive savings on top quality V2 cigs models, e-cigarette starter kits, cartomizers, and KR808D-1 or the compatible nicotine liquid. Those who wish to avail of these coupons will discover the easy steps involved in choosing the discount code that they prefer. Initially, they need to log in the website, and select from the numerous V2 cigs coupon codes they can find. Among the products available are the V2 Cigs e-cigarette models, the starter kits, and the KR808D-1, or the compatible nicotine liquid.

James Oliver, the founder of the V2 CigsCoupon.net, is an advocate for premium electronic cigarettes and related smoking devices. In 2011, he created and launched the V2 cigs coupon website. His primary objectives are to educate the public about the benefits of electronic cigarettes and to provide discounts on the premium line of V2 cigs.

Oliver has been using this safer alternative to tobacco cigarette smoking for about 3 years, and he shares his great experience about using the product. “Switching to electronic cigarettes has saved me thousands of dollars, ever since I discovered the economic and health benefits of this alternative smoking device. I understand that many people are experiencing the challenges in this tough economic climate, so I have decided to launch V2cigsCoupon.net,” says Oliver.

He continued, “My goal is to help cigarette smokers obtain great savings each time they purchase V2 cigs, which is a renowned supplier of the innovative electronic smoking device.” Oliver added, “In fact, V2 cigs has helped me put an end to my long years of tobacco cigarette smoking habit, and I saved a lot of money along the way.”

Electronic cigarette smoking can help individuals save more money while reducing the health risks caused by tobacco cigarettes. In fact, numerous smokers have discovered that this alternative smoking device has decreased their expenses by 75 percent because of the e-liquid component in electronic cigarettes. Moreover, they were still able to experience the same satisfaction of smoking by using a cheaper and safer cigarette alternative.

V2 Cigs is a Florida-based manufacturer of high quality electronic cigarettes. It is also the leading brand of this innovative smoking device, and it uses premium ingredients in the nicotine liquid. Furthermore, the materials used in V2 cigs products are durable, so consumers will not encounter issues common in other brands such as malfunctioning devices or inferior taste of the e-liquid.

“V2 Cigs is a trusted and most reliable leader in the industry, with US-based operations in Florida. With the high quality of authentic and market-proven electronic cigarette models by V2 cigs, consumers are ensured of a superior e-cigarette smoking experience,” Oliver says.

The premium manufacturer of electronic cigarettes offer a wide range of products to the public including the starter kits, refill cartomizers (KR808D-1), a 30-day money back guarantee, and a lifetime warranty on the device. In addition, V2 Cigs provides a comprehensive and reliable customer support for pre and post sales assistance online or via telephone.

At V2 CigsCoupon.net, consumers can choose from a number of discount coupons for high quality electronic cigarettes and accessories by V2 Cigs. This online resource provides at least 10 percent discount to consumers each time they avail of a starter kit, nicotine liquid or other V2 cigs product. To access and learn more visit: http://v2cigscoupon.org/

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