October 23rd Apple Event And What To Expect
October 23, 2012

What Can We Expect To See From Apple Today?

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Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

Today at 10 AM PST, (Noon Central, 1 PM EST) Apple will take the stage at the California Theatre in San Jose to show us "just a little more." A little more of what?

Well, probably that iPad Mini thing everyone has been talking about for months and months.

Apple could also release an all new iTunes and, if the rumors are to be believed, some new Mac hardware as well. No matter what happens, redOrbit.com will be keeping tabs on the latest in our live blog, to be followed with the finest commentary, of course.

Though the iPad Mini (if that´s what they decide to call it) has been circulating on the rumor mill for nearly 2 years, it looks as if Apple is ready to finally make this thing real. It´s widely accepted that this new iPad will feature a 7.85-inch screen (just a touch smaller than the current iPad´s 9.7-incher) and a thinner form factor.

Otherwise, it seems the jury is still split on if this new thing will pack some premium features (such as a Retina display of 4G LTE) or be a “value” device meant to capture another sector of the market.

Look for Apple to announce their new version of iTunes – iTunes 11 – as well. Apple showed us but a glimpse of this newly revised app during the iPhone 5 event last month and announced it would be ready in “October.”

We don´t have much time left in the month, and this event will almost certainly be the last one this year. iTunes 11 also provides Apple with a good 5 to 8 minutes of filler in their announcement, so look for an official release today rather than a quiet update on the Web site.

Speaking of quiet updates, some rumor sites have been predicting Apple will release new Mac Minis, new iMacs, new Lightning enabled iPads and a new 13” MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Should Apple decide to update the iMac and Mac Mini line, they´ll likely be quietly revamped on the Web site alone, with little to no recognition on stage. A 13” MBP with Retina Display makes more sense, considering the “little” theme Apple seems to be going with. If Apple does announce this first, expect the new iPad to come equipped with a Retina Display as well.

As for new Lightning-enabled full-sized iPads? Sounds dubious.

Check back with redOrbit.com or blogs.www.redorbit.com at 1 PM EST, Noon CST or 10 AM PST for all the latest from Apple´s little announcement.