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OneAccess Networks Introduces OneOptimization to Improve Cloud Service Delivery for Businesses

October 29, 2012

HERNDON, Virginia, October 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

OneAccess Networks [http://www.oneaccess-net.com/onesite/index.php ], a leading
manufacturer of multi-service routers and Ethernet access devices, today launched
OneOptimization an integrated application performance monitoring and optimization solution
that improves the way business users experience cloud services. OneOptimization provides
application level visibility (NetAPM), traffic management (NetControl),
[http://www.oneaccess-net.com/onesite/datasheets/NetAPM&NetControl_270612.pdf ] and high
performance WAN optimization acceleration and compression capabilities (NetBooster) to
enhance business user’s Quality of Experience (QoE) for application delivery across
broadband, 3G or Wi-Fi connections.

OneOptimization is another proof point of OneAccess’ commitment to lead the evolution
of the multi-service router (MSR) from a Layer 3 centric network element to a cloud-based
application delivery solution. According to OneAccess, the key to this evolution is the
integration of application management and acceleration features that enhance the delivery
and utilization of cloud-based applications. OneOptimization gives service providers the
ability to improve the way business users experience cloud-based services.

“Cloud-based application delivery offers business users productivity gains and
customer service enhancements. Regardless of whether their services are delivered over
broadband or a wireless infrastructure, businesses expect the same delivery experience
from their managed service provider. This is end point transparency,” said Dennis R.
Gatens, vice president and general manager of OneAccess Networks, North America.
“Businesses cannot tolerate inconsistency when it comes to application availability and
latency. The result is loss of productivity, or worse, a perception of poor customer
service. For broadband or wireless connectivity, OneOptimization helps to solve the
latency issues related to utilizing cloud based applications.”

OneAPM is a management dashboard
[http://www.oneaccess-net.com/onesite/wan-optimization/oneapm.html ] that provides
administrators with the tools to ensure that application performance issues can be
monitored, reported and resolved quickly. This enables service providers to offer a fully
managed service. OneAPM scales from small to large networks and provides global and site
level views of application performance data. This visibility enables QoE to be measured
using a performance index for each application, with reports on application utilization.

“Cloud-based services are great for improving efficiency from an application and
server standpoint but they shift a lot of the challenge onto the network,” said Karen Liu,
principal analyst, components, Ovum. “The service has to look like the network’s not
there, that there’s no distance or bandwidth constraint yet the traffic volume is now so
large the network provider can’t just shovel capacity blindly at the problem anymore.
Intelligence – meaning application visibility, WAN optimization and application-based
compression-serves everyone’s best interest from the cloud provider to the network
provider to the enterprise.”

Ubiquitous WiFi and 3G availability has led many organizations to adopt tablets as a
business productivity tool. This market disruptive appliance paired with a
technology-savvy workforce enables end users to improve productivity while enhancing
customer service. For this reason AirBooster was developed. Part of the OneOptimization
portfolio, AirBooster is a software client for Android tablets
[http://www.oneaccess-net.com/onesite/software/airbooster.html ] that enhances the mobile
business user’s QoE while optimizing wireless network resources. With the growing trend of
mobile access, the QoE delivered by the service provider is critically important to the
productivity of many business operations and the retention of customers. AirBooster
enables service providers to deliver end point transparency for the end user.

Integration of application visibility and optimization functionality into the ONE
series multi-service router portfolio enables service providers to offer higher value
services with reduced CAPEX and OPEX, while targeting a larger addressable market with
services that scale to the smallest business. NetAPM and NetControl are available as
software options on all ONE series platforms. NetBooster is available on the One1540. For
more information, contact Dennis Gatens at dennis.gatens@oneaccess-net.com.

About OneAccess Networks

Incorporated in 2001, OneAccess Networks is a leading manufacturer of multi-service
routers and Ethernet access devices. With a global presence that includes North America,
Europe and Asia, OneAccess develops strategic vendor-partner relationships with its
service provider customers. Our worldwide customer base numbers more than 140, including 4
of the 5 largest service providers in Europe. We focus on developing solutions that are
aligned with service provider’s roadmaps. As a result, we are recognized as a global
leader for multi-service routers and gateway solutions that enable complete convergence
for the SMB and enterprise user. For more information, visit


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