Differences Between Tablet And Smartphone Users
October 30, 2012

Report Highlights Differences Between Tablet, Smartphone Users

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

Smartphone owners tend to be younger and more often male compared with owners of tablet computing devices, according to new data released on Monday by Flurry Analytics.

Tablet owners also tend to use their devices for longer periods of time -- more often in the evening -- and consume more media and entertainment than smartphone users, according to the report.

Tablet devices “are multimedia machines, offering a glimpse into how consumers might one day accept connected television,” Flurry said.

The data revealed that the average tablet owner is 34 years old, while just one-third are younger than 25. By comparison, the average smartphone owner is 30 years old, with just 25 percent older than 34.

The age differences are most pronounced among those 55 and older, with just 17 percent of users in that age range owning a tablet device, compared to just 7 percent who have a smartphone.

The report revealed that smartphone users are slightly more likely to be male, while tablet users are split nearly evenly among men and women.

“Traditionally, males adopt technology devices more than women. With an even gender split for tablets, this bucks the trend, indicating that tablets likely have more long-term mass-market appeal,” wrote Peter Farago, Flurry´s vice president of marketing, in a blog post.

The report revealed some noteworthy characteristics about how and when people use their tablet and smartphone devices. For instance, tablet owners use their device most often between 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., whereas smartphone usage is more evenly distributed throughout the day.

"This would indicate that tablets are more often used alongside, or instead of television viewing than smartphones," Farago wrote.

Tablet users also spend more time using their device for media and entertainment purposes, including gaming, while smartphone owners tend to rely on their device for communication and task-oriented activities, such as social networking.

Gaming was the most popular activity for both tablet and smartphone users, accounting for about 67 percent of the total time spent on tablets, and 39 percent of time spent on smartphones.

Flurry based their report on an analysis of more than 6 billion application sessions across 500 million smart devices during the month of September. Based on this data, the mobile analytics firm created a comprehensive comparison between smartphone and tablet usage, spanning age, gender, time of day usage, category usage and engagement metrics. For age and gender comparisons, the company leveraged a panel of more than 30 million consumers who have opted-in to share demographic data.