Silver Tail Systems Acquired By EMC
October 31, 2012

EMC Buys Intelligence And Behavioral Analysis Services Company Silver Tail Systems

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

To catch a thief, the more information gathered, the more likely it is the thief will fall into the hands of justice. It´s not enough to post a single guard outside of a bank without trying to understand how a criminal breaks into a bank and using past behaviors to prevent a future theft.

This is the approach Silver Tail Systems takes towards cyber security. By using big data, Silver Tail is able to actively monitor bank transactions and compare them to a vast amount of previous transactions to identify any fishy behavior.

Now, Silver Tail has become part of an increasingly familiar story: Startup Company exists for a few years on their own, larger cloud and enterprise company eyes them, startup company is acquired and moves to the cloud.

This time, it´s the “information technology as a service” company EMC which is writing the check, though the terms of this acquisition haven´t been made publicly available.

Privately owned Silver Tail Systems will now become a part of EMCs RSA security division and will bolster the company´s Identity Protection and Verification (IPV) products. Though the deal was signed yesterday, it should be made official in the fourth quarter of 2012.

According to the press release, Silver Tail augments their big data approach with blazing speed, capable of monitoring more than 330,000 clicks every second on their client´s servers.

EMC hopes that having this kind of security prowess in their stable will make them more attractive to banks, governments and even retail operations, the kind of businesses which comprise EMC´s clientele.

“The industry is well beyond the point of providing effective security using static, perimeter point tools that fail to keep up with dynamic cyber attackers,” said Art Coviello, RSA Executive Chairman and Executive Vice President, EMC Corporation in the press release.

“Customers need better intelligence, analytics, and the ability to respond in real time which is a capability that Silver Tail´s products do extraordinarily well to help foil web-based attacks. Silver Tail offers proven anti-fraud solutions that complement RSA´s portfolio of risk-based and adaptive products and services.”

EMC was founded by ex Intel executive and engineering whiz Richard Egan in 1979. Together with his longtime friend Roger Marino, Egan was able to build up EMC to become Massachusetts´ largest tech company in 2009, stocked with more than 40,000 employees. The company really began to flourish in the early 2000´s, thanks to some strategic acquisitions in the blossoming technologies sector. After setting their sights on content management, storage and security, EMC has become a heavy hitter in the field of information technologies for enterprise, offering cloud based solutions as well.

Tim Eades, CEO at Silver Tail, is excited to be coming aboard EMC, saying the two companies should be able to build a very effective security solution.

“Together with RSA, we have an incredible opportunity to extend these capabilities beyond what we do today to protect web-based platforms,” said Eades in the press statement.

“Silver Tail´s session intelligence technology demonstrates the capacity to expand the awareness and intelligence of what is occurring on the network with context, helping to rapidly sift through data to identify unexpected behavior and apply controls against advanced threats and malicious attacks.”