App Combines Smartphones To Create Larger Display
November 2, 2012

App Combines Smartphones To Create Larger Display

Lee Rannals for — Your Universe Online

A new display technology developed at the Tokyo University of Technology allows users to combine smartphones and tablets to create one large display with a pinch.

The software allows users to place smartphones or tablets next to each other in any way they want, and then simply do a multi-gesture "pinch" motion to link the displays together and create a larger screen.

The pinch motion is achieved by placing one finger on one display and another finger on the other display, bringing them together.

Takashi Ohta, Associate Professor at Tokyo University of Technology, said he could see the Pinch interface being used for a variety of apps.

"People probably own just one of these devices each," Ohta told DigInfo. "I think people could communicate in fun ways by getting together with friends and putting their devices next to each other."

The research team is offering Pinch to interested developers, and they said some have already taken them up on their offer.

The technology behind the Pinch interface is a mystery, but the researchers did describe it as a Wi-Fi based system.

From the video, you can see that each device is able to detect where it is at among the collaborated display, and detect where other devices are as well.

Friends could ultimately use the app to share photos, watch movies, or possibly play games on multiple screens.

"We've presented Pinch at conferences, but we haven't shown it to the public yet. We'd like people to use this system to develop apps. So, we're offering Pinch to developers and are basically just asking them to do something with it. We've just started several projects like that," Ohta told DigInfo.