Samsung Outperforms Apple, Ships 10 Million Galaxy Note IIs
November 2, 2012

Samsung Announces 3 Million Note IIs Shipped Worldwide

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

The rivalry between Apple and Samsung has shown itself to be a bitter one in 2012. While the 2 companies have always battled for smartphone and mobile device dominance in a sense, things got fiery these past 11 months. Not only that, Samsung has also begun to prove that they can make a critically acclaimed, best selling product or two.

In less than 2 months, the South Korean tech giant managed to ship 10 million units of their latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S III. A July report also shows Samsung shipping twice as many smartphones as Apple.

Today, Samsung is proudly patting itself on the back (and rightly so) for selling its 3 millionth Galaxy Note II smartphone tablet mashup. The impressive part? They´ve only just launched the thing 37 days ago.

Of course, it wouldn´t be a good rivalry without a little pushing of the other´s buttons. Therefore, it makes sense for Sammy to trumpet this news on the day Apple´s newest tablet hits stores.

The new Galaxy Note II tablet mashup has also surpassed its older sibling, the Note, selling more than 3 times the units than its predecessor.

"It means the new product category we pioneered has successfully established itself among global consumers at last," said Samsung in a statement to the AFP.

It was only a matter of days ago that Samsung announced the American availability of this device. Sprint and T-Mobile, for example, have already begun selling this 5.5-inch stylus-friendly device for use on their networks at $300 and $370, respectively.

America´s top two carriers, AT&T and Verizon, have begun taking pre-orders for the Note II. Big Blue promises to ship these new Notes on November 7th, while the Big Red variant will take a little longer to get to customers, arriving on November 27th.

The American version of the Note II makes use of a HD Super AMOLED display with a 1280 by 720 resolution at 267 pixels per inch. It´s also running the latest version of Android (that is, until 4.2 ships) and, unlike its American Galaxy S III smartphone cousin, it retains the quad-core Exynos chip from the European model. The Note II also ships with 2 GB of built in RAM, 16 GB of internal storage and operates on 4G LTE networks.

While 3 million devices in 37 days is an impressive feat, it´s worth noting that Apple was able to sell more than 5 million units of their latest iPhone during opening weekend alone. And while the Note looks like it may set a trend to outsell itself with every new iteration, this is a game Apple has been playing for a few years longer.

Apple´s iPhones have always outsold their previous versions, and the numbers have been growing at a steady clip.

Speaking of Apple, they also released their latest iPad today, the iPad mini. This new tablet is much larger than Samsung´s large Note II at 7.9-inches, yet the two devices cover some similar territory. The iPad mini is without a quad-core processor or 2 GB of RAM, but it does ship with LTE and Apple´s rocksteady iOS. The mini is also able to run the entire library of apps designed specifically for the iPad, making it a great middle device in terms of which apps it can run.

It will be interesting to see if Apple´s new tablet will outpace Samsung´s new Note in terms of sales in the first month.