New Kim Dotcom Site Gets Slammed By Hackers, Government
November 7, 2012

New Kim Dotcom Site Gets Slammed By Hackers, Government

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

As it turns out, not everyone is as ecstatic to see the return of Mr. Kim Schmitz Dotcom and his file sharing/storage company. Dotcom has only recently announced the newest iteration of his multimillion dollar web service which has raised the ire of the FBI and Hollywood by allegedly facilitating copyright infringement.

Called, Dotcom and pals say this new service will sidestep any nasty legal issues by using encrypted keys to access any files on the site. While Dotcom and crew likely feel they´ve already got a hit on their hands, some have already begun to lash out against this new decision, namely a handful of hackers and some African Government officials.

"I have instructed my departments... to immediately suspend the site," announced Blaise Louembe, Communication Minister for the African country of Gabon, adding that he wants to “protect intellectual property rights” as well as “fight cyber crime.”

"Gabon cannot serve as a platform or screen for committing acts aimed at violating copyrights, nor be used by unscrupulous people,” added Louembe.

Dotcom plans to launch the Web site on January 20, one year after he was arrested in New Zealand on piracy charges. Since his arrest, Dotcom has been facing extradition by the United States, where they will then charge him with more than piracy charges; They´ll also charge him with money laundering, racketeering and fraud. Dotcom´s extradition hearing doesn´t occur until March 2013, and is currently living freely in New Zealand.

The new site is said to avoid any nasty legal matters by issuing encrypted digital keys to it´s subscribers. Each subscriber is given a “locker” wherein they can store their files. These subscribers must first give a password to enter this locker and, once in, are given a second encrypted key before they can access their data. In this way, the subscribers have complete access over what happens to their files and who they share them with, should they so choose. More importantly, Dotcom and pals do not have access to these keys, meaning they have no proof that anything illegal is being stored on their servers.

Upon hearing Minister Louembe´s statements, Dotcom displayed confidence in his plan via Twitter, saying: "Don't worry. We have an alternative domain. This just demonstrates the bad faith witch hunt the US government is on.”

Dotcom did not say what the new domain will be, however. Interestingly, the current domain appears to have been taken over by a group of hackers known as Omega. According to Torrentfreak, is being rerouted to via France.

TorrentFreak reached out to Omega, who compared Dotcom to the industry executives they and Dotcom are at odds with.

“We´re pure in a diogenist way, we´re the true pirates, the true anarchists,” said a spokesperson for Omega.

“Kim Dotcom is only taking advantage of us all, he is a megalomaniac with lawyers here to take advantage of us all, the nobodies, the artists he wants to profit from.”

In a very appropriate example of insult to injury, Omega has said they plan to sell the me,ga domain they´ve taken control of to none other than Universal. In a Tweet, Omega said: “Of course we will entertain offers from @KimDotcom´s enemies in the millions of dollars (or bitcoins) for the domain.”

“Shall @UMG [Universal Music] buy the domain name we will donate not 1% but 10% of the proceeds to FOJEGA the Forum des Jeunes du Gabon [Gabon Youth Forum].”