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CollabNet’s Paul Peissner To Outline How DevOps Drives Competitive And Business Agility At DevOps Summit Europe 2012

November 12, 2012

BRISBANE, Calif., Nov. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

    WHO:     Paul Peissner
             DevOps Specialist
             CollabNet (www.collab.net)

              Peissner leverages an innovative partner eco-system and strategy, to promote and support DevOps
              and Agile solutions, specific to the needs of customers and their businesses. He also helps
              identify partner products, needed to break-down historic IT barriers and help create a culture
              (and IT systems) of collaboration, continuous improvement and competitive agility optimization for

    WHAT:    DevOps - Driving Competitive Agility for your Business
             Building IT to Innovate, Improve, Adapt and Grow your Business
              Historic innovation is often to blame for today's roadblocks in the era of DevOps. Cultures have
              formed around "time stamped" practices that need to evolve in order to prevent roadblocks, like
              escalated business cost, decreased innovation and tension between IT teams. Fortunately, new
              technology, better processes and improving IT culture have created an atmosphere in which DevOps
              can flourish. The core challenge that remains today is that of aligning IT into a cohesive
              organization. In his presentation, CollabNet's Peissner will discuss the various dimensions of
              DevOps, and how it can be used to ultimately drive competitive agility for business success.

    WHEN:    Thurs., Nov. 15, 2012

    WHERE:   DevOps Summit Europe 2012 - Amsterdam

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              #DevOps Summit Europe 2012

    CONTACT:  For more information on CollabNet, or to arrange an interview with Peissner, please contact
              Christie Denniston at 303-581-7760 or at (cdenniston@catapultpr-ir.com).

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