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C12G Launches OpenNebulaPro 3.8 and OpenNebulaApps Suite for Enterprise Private Clouds

November 13, 2012

MADRID, Spain, November 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

C12G Labs announces a new release of OpenNebulaPro, the enterprise edition of its
widely-deployed open-source management solution for enterprise data center virtualization
and private cloud computing. OpenNebulaPro integrates the most recent stable version of
OpenNebula (3.8) with bugfixes, performance, and scalability patches developed by the
community and by C12G for its customers and partners. OpenNebula 3.8 (codename Twin Jet),
released one month ago, enhances its AWS and OCCI API implementations and provides a
tighter integration with VMware and KVM.

C12G also announces the first stable release of the OpenNebulaApps, a suite of tools
for users and administrators of OpenNebula to simplify and optimize cloud application
management. OpenNebulaApps provides a service management layer on top of OpenNebula by
configuring the software stack in the applications, managing multi-tiered applications,
providing configurable services from a catalog, and building your own private market to
distribute applications across several OpenNebula instances. Cloud applications consist of
complex software stacks, OpenNebulaApps helps to manage their life-cycle and contributes
to significantly reduce the time needed to build, distribute, and deploy cloud

According to C12G’s latest Cloud Architecture Survey, the majority of OpenNebula
deployments, 43 percent, are in business accounts compared to 17 percent in research, and
less than 10 percent in academia. Moreover most of the surveyed organizations are using
their OpenNebula cloud for running production workloads. OpenNebulaPro provides these
corporations, research centers and governments with a hardened, certified, long-term
supported cloud platform. Compared to OpenNebula, the expert production and integration
support of OpenNebulaPro and its higher stability increase IT productivity, speed time to
deployment, and reduce business and technical risks.

About OpenNebula and C12G

OpenNebula delivers the most feature-rich, customizable and open solution to build
enterprise virtualized data centers and private clouds. OpenNebula is an active project
with a very large user base, with more than 5,000 downloads per month and thousands of
deployments that include leading research centers like CERN, FermiLab and ESA;
supercomputing centers like SARA and NCHC; telecom operators like RIM, China Mobile and
Telefonica O2; and integrators like Logica, Engineering and KPMG.

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More Information: http://www.C12G.com

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