November 14, 2012

Top Online Tools To Improve Your Projects And Productivity

It´s often said that being productive isn't about working harder, it's about working smarter.

There are some tools that can have a positive impact on the way we work, and some of most common benefits are that they make us more efficient, organized and productive.

Online tools have the advantage of being available from any location, most of them are cloud based which means your laptop, desktop PC, tablet and smartphone are always in sync. Here are some of the best tools to help you streamline your work:

  • Dropbox - is a free cloud storage app that you can use to sync multiple computers, tablets and phones and get easy access to all your important files. It bridges the gap between your different devices and grants you access to files you forgot to copy from your work computer instantly. You can also use it to simply link to your files when composing emails, so there´s no need for attachments.
  • Paymo - is an online project management tool that will help you set your tasks in order, track your work on specific projects and at the end of the day see how efficient you are. Paymo is cloud based, which means you have access to your information from anywhere. You can use it for time tracking, project management & invoicing. If you want to be more thorough, you can use PaymoPlus and record everything you do on your computer.
  • Buffer - will help you save time with your social media sharing & updates. You can schedule everything you like to share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and App.net and it will post it at a predermined time, so you don´t have to.
  • 30 Boxes - is an online calendar that will help you organize your day, remember important events and keep up with your friends. It has sms reminders, multiples themes, all your data is exportable and it´s very fast.
  • Yesware - is a Gmail CRM extension that will help you find out the open rate of your sent emails and clicks on your links. You can use it to learn when an email was opened and the device used. You can also use it to create email templates, this way your emails can still be personal, but it will take less time to send them out.
  • Evernote - is a tool that shouldn´t miss from your productivity arsenal, it´s your online memory. It syncs your important notes between your tablet, smartphone and computer. You can use it to take notes, have snapshots, attach files or record audio. If you have similar notes, you can use tags for easy organization.
  • Boomerang - is a Gmail scheduling extension that will help you send high volumes of emails.You can set it up so it will notify you if you don´t get a reply in a predetermined period of time, so you don´t have to wait impatiently for urgent emails.
  • Mint - is great for keeping an eye on your finances online. You can have all your savings, credit, or investment accounts in one place, so you know what´s happening with your finances all the time. You can use it to help you stay on a budget, save money and even pay your loans. It´s cloud based so you will have access to your financial status all the time.
  • Diigo - is a cloud based personal information system. It helps you highlight important research you do online and add annotations. You can save bookmarks and organize them using tags. It works on all the major web browsers and you can access your data on your iOS and Android devices as well.
  • Mozy - is an automatic backup tool that saves all your computer or server data online. You can access your files online or you can use your iOS or Android app. You can use it to save your important company files or simply your personal files and have access to them from anywhere.