iPad Minis Stolen From JFK Airport
November 15, 2012

Pair Of Thieves Makes Away With 3,600 iPad Minis

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

Somehow, this story just wouldn´t be as shockingly believable if it were about the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

The New York Post has an exclusive story today involving iPad minis, JFK Airport in New York City, and what they´re calling a “Goodfellas” style heist.

According to the Post, 2 thieves were able to break into a building at JFK where these iPad minis were being stored before being shipped to anxious customers and retail outlets and steal pallets full of Apple´s latest iPad. A similar heist was executed in 1978 in the same building. This heist was the basis behind the 1990 movie “Goodfellas” with Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.

As the story goes, these 2 crooks arrived at building 261 around 11 pm on Monday evening in a white truck branded with the CEVA logo. The pair accessed the building on a side with less security and is accessible via the tarmac. Sources believe these crooks had worked a deal with someone at airport security, granting them access through the gates and into this building. The pair then spotted the pallets containing iPad minis and, using a forklift which belonged to the airport, loaded 2 of these pallets into their white CEVA truck. It is suspected that the pair was trying to lift as many as 5 pallets of iPad minis, but just after they loaded the second pallet, another airport employee returned from their meal break and challenged the pair. The crooks then made away, leaving behind the other 3 pallets.

“So, as a caper goes, it was probably unsuccessful,” said one unnamed source, speaking to the Post.

Investigators are still looking for these crooks and as of last night, still considered them at large. Since they believe this to have been an inside job, the investigators are also putting airport employees through polygraph tests.

All told, these crooks are said to have driven away with 3,600 minis which were being shipped by Cargo Airport Services. The company told the Post that these new tablets were fresh off the plane from China and were set to be shipped all across the US. All told, these crooks were able to make away with an estimated $1.5 million worth of Apple gear.

The 1978 robbery took place on December 11 of the same year when a small gang of crooks stole $5 million in cash as well as $900,000 in jewelry from the same building at JFK.

The Post says this robbery would be worth nearly $21 million today and has been labeled the largest cash robbery in America. The alleged mastermind of this entire 1978 heist was Jimmy the Gent Burke, who is said to have gotten away with the robbery by killing off every one of his co-conspirators.

There´s no word on what kind of iPad minis were stolen, but recent reports have shown that those who pre-ordered the LTE version are set to receive their new tablets as early as today.

Many Apple enthusiasts who pre-order their new Apple products take to the MacRumors forums to share details about their shipments and tracking info, and many are saying their tablets have already arrived or are out for delivery. It´s possible many of these waiting customers will be without an iPad mini today, thanks to a pair of thieves in New York City and a gap in JFK´s security.