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Cellvine and Optiway Unite Forces in Intended Merger

November 15, 2012

PETACH TIKVA and ROSH HA-AYIN, Israel, November 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Cellvine Ltd. (www.cellvine.com [http://www.cellvine.com ]) a leading developer and
provider of coverage enhancement solutions for cellular networks, and Optiway Ltd.
(www.optiway.biz [http://www.optiway.biz ]), an innovative provider of In-Building
wireless coverage and capacity solutions, are happy to announce their intention to merge
the companies.

With both Cellvine and Optiway currently providing market leading complementary
solutions enhancing wireless coverage, combining forces will instantly extrapolate the
vast synergies of both companies, including a wider customer base and better market reach.
This will facilitate the introduction of innovative cross-company technologies utilizing
current companies’ strong intellectual property to better address the ever-growing
cellular broadband customer needs and enable greater company growth.

Cellvine, founded in 2002, has developed a broad range of cellular coverage
enhancement products and solutions, based on its exclusive patented technology for
improving cellular signals for in-building, urban and rural over-ground and subterranean
environments such as mines and tunnels.

Cellvine’s products and solutions support multiple technologies simultaneously and are
optimized for cellular and Public Safety Networks.

Optiway, founded in 2004, offers advanced infrastructure solutions to a large number
of mobile operators, enabling in-building wireless communication via optical cables within
structures such as tunnels, underground parking garages, office towers, airports, and
hospital and university campuses. Optiway delivers advanced communication products over
fiber optics including the cutting edge TD-LTE support already deployed over live network.
Optiway’s solutions fully resolve the unique radio communication challenges using
technologies which simplify planning, installation and maintenance.

“We are facing an exciting opportunity. With both Cellvine and Optiway providing
innovative enhanced coverage solutions for the mobile networks, the synergy of our
combined experience, technology and expert teams will greatly contribute to our commitment
to carry on developing advanced solutions for our existing customers, while continuing the
growth into new markets, as characteristic of the company in recent years ” said Dr. Phil
Frost, Cellvine’s leading investor.

“There is a great synergy between our companies – with Cellvine providing
best-of-class wireless signal enhancement systems and Optiway providing cutting-edge
In-Building solutions, and both offering a platform which increases the coverage reach
while maintaining high quality signals, as well as diminishing radiation and power
consumption. We are very excited at the prospect of joining forces to create this complete
wireless coverage solution to answer the phenomenally fast growing demand of broadband
coverage and the varied needs of our customers.” Said Dr. Abraham Meidan, Optiway’s
leading investor and board member.

The merger is to be completed as soon as the official approvals and authorizations are

About Cellvine

Cellvine develops and markets innovative coverage and capacity solutions for the
wireless telecommunications industry, enabling improved signal coverage and enhanced
reception. Cellvine’s broad range of products can support multiple networks
simultaneously, including: CDMA450, CDMA800, CDMA900, iDEN, TDMA, N- AMPS, Tetra, WCDMA,
PCS, GSM, GPRS, DCS UMTS2100, HSPA++ and LTE. The company’s high performance solutions
including unique DSP Filtration and Ambient Noise Reduction, enable operators to maintain
excellent network quality, providing strong and consistent network coverage in all types
of environments at cost effective prices.

For more information, please visit www.cellvine.com [http://www.cellvine.com ]

About Optiway
Optiway Ltd., founded in 2004, successfully introduced optical multi-service solutions for
In- Building Wireless communications, based on its unique patented optical technology,
OTDMLL. Optiway offers elegant, cost effective solutions that enable service providers,
and property owners to extend coverage and provide in-building radio communication in
high-rise buildings, tunnels, parking lots, campuses, etc. Optiway’s solution multiplexes
sources from various wireless technologies and frequencies over a single fiber. The
company’s products are technology agnostic and field proven with all common cellular
technologies, in multiple frequency bands. As a result, Optiway delivers high capacity
systems that are easy to design, deploy and maintain and drastically reduce the total cost
of ownership.

For additional information, please visit www.optiway.biz [http://www.optiway.biz ]

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/optiway
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Optiway


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