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“Nanofics” Global Nanocoating Licensees for Handheld Electronic Devices, Announced by Europlasma NV

November 16, 2012

OUDENAARDE, Belgium, November 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Belgium-based Europlasma NV, a world leader in the design and manufacturing of
low-pressure plasma equipment since 1993, would like to publicly announce its current list
of “Nanofics” patented and patent pending nanocoating technology licensees for retail of
handheld electronic devices.

“Nanofics” refers to nano-scaled functionalization into the core of complex shaped
materials and products. It is Europlasma’s patented and patent pending nanocoating
technology platform, first developed by Europlasma in 1997, and applied on industrial
scale since 1998.

California-based Liquipel (http://www.liquipel.com) has been a licensee of
Europlasma’s patented and patent pending “Nanofics” technology since 2011. Liquipel was
awarded a Silver Medal at the 2012 Thomas Edison Awards using Europlasma’s breakthrough
nanocoating technology platform. Liquipel obtained an exclusive retail license for the
Nanofics technology in the United States and non-exclusive retail licenses in Hong Kong,
Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia. The Nanofics technology has been sub-licensed by
Liquipel to LQP Asia Limited for Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and to Vita Group for

Fung Yu Group and its partner Hydrowarriors (http://www.hydrowarriors.com) based
in China currently market the Nanofics technology for handheld electronic devices under
the brand name “Hydrowarriors” and have an exclusive license for the retail market in
China and Macau, as well as a non- exclusive license for the retail market in Hong Kong.

Intego Capital LLC (http://www.integocapital.com) is a Delaware-based technology
investment firm founded in early 2012. Intego Capital currently holds exclusive licenses
for Europlasma’s “Nanofics” nanocoating technology in Nigeria, the Middle East (GCC and
Levant countries) and North Africa region (MENA), Latin America (LATAM), Turkey, Central
America, Mexico and the Caribbean. In addition, Intego Capital has a non-exclusive license
in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. In the MENA region Intego is launching from Dubai under
the Aquacoat brand name (http://www.aquacoat.co).

Europlasma’s Managing Director Filip Legein comments: “As the true pioneer in
nanocoating technology, we are happy to see that 15 years of intensive R&D by the
Europlasma team has resulted in a growing number of markets and applications, such as air
filtration products, functional textiles, medical devices, and now handheld electronics.
In handheld electronic devices it has become clear that the end customer is willing to pay
for additional protection against liquid damage. It will be interesting to see how fast
the retail market will drive the manufacturers to adopt the technology on a wider scale.
This has created a steep growth in demand which Europlasma is able to meet with a reliable
technology platform, running on industrial scale of equipment.”

Europlasma is expecting to announce new retail partnerships for handheld electronic
devices in Europe and other regions soon. If you are a mobile operator, retailer or mobile
distributor interested in our patented and patent pending Nanofics nanocoating technology,
please contact our licensees directly through their websites.

If you would like to become a licensee for an available territory, or you are
interested to implement the technology on a manufacturing level, please contact Mr. Filip
Legein at: filip.legein@europlasma.be.

SOURCE Europlasma NV

Source: PR Newswire