Apple App Store Reaches 1 Million Apps
November 19, 2012

Apple App Store Reaches 1 Million Apps

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Today, Apple will unofficially celebrate another milestone in their app store: Approving more than 1 million apps since its launch.

According to Appsfire, an apps discovery and sharing service, Apple has now allowed more than 1 million apps into the iOS app store since it launched in 2008. Appsfire announced the news in a Tweet, saying: “Breaking: today will mark the day the App store has seen 1 million apps ever created since launch (iOS).”

Since this Tweet went out, The Next Web has also said they´ve been able to confirm this number.

Ouriel Ohayon, the co-founder of Appsfire, spoke with The Next Web to give some details about the 1 million apps which have graced the iOS app store.

Of all the apps submitted in the past 4 years, 493,289 were paid apps, suggesting that Apple´s developers are also more likely to be compensated for their work. Ohayon also told The Next Web that 158,848 of these million apps were labeled as games, further confirming a shift in the gaming world from console to mobile device.

Now, with more than 735,000 live and active apps in the App Store, some 45% are paid apps while 16% are games. Apple likes to brag on themselves when they have the occasion (for instance, Tim Cook casually mentioned that 90% of all apps in the App Store are downloaded every month, suggesting a very active marketplace), it´s unlikely Apple will make any mention of this minor milestone.

First, this number only refers to any app which has ever spent any time in the App Store. Therefore, all apps which have been removed for one reason or another have helped to push this number past 1 million. Apple has received some criticism before for the way they approve and remove apps from their store. Sometimes these decisions can seem almost arbitrary as many developers have complained about their app being rejected without merit.

For instance, Don McAllister of Screen Casts Online had his tutorial apps pulled from the store this summer. Apple claimed these apps were nothing more than movies, when in reality these apps served up video tutorials for Apple products, such as iBooks Author and Mountain Lion. McAllister reworked his apps to give them more “functionality” only to have his apps once more rejected by the App Store. While McAllister´s apps were rejected for serving up tutorials, other very similar apps remained in the store unscathed.

Though they may have collectively had 1 million apps in the App Store, Apple currently has more than 735,000 actual and active apps in their marketplace. Though they´ve enjoyed a significant lead over other mobile OS platforms in terms of available apps, Google´s Play store recently gained some significant ground. Google made casual mention to All Things D and Venture Beat last month that they´ve reached the 700,000 mark in their app store, having added an additional 100,000 apps in the Play store in just 4 months, matching Apple.