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DigitalRoute Announces Launch of DRLabs and Receives Financing From VINNOVA

November 21, 2012

STOCKHOLM, November 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

New hub to bring innovation off the drawing board and build a culture of creativity
within leading data company

Digital Route AB, a leading provider of mediation and data integration solutions for
the communications industry, has announced both that it has won a major funding award from
VINNOVA [http://www.vinnova.se/en ], the Swedish government innovation agency, and the
creation of DRLabs. DRLabs will proactively harness the company’s creative engine and
market knowledge by formalizing the process through which new ideas are turned into
innovations that can impact markets.

DRLabs will provide an exciting environment in which DigitalRoute’s key resources, its
people, can put their ideas to work. A step before formal product development, prototypes
can be built and road-tested and preliminary research undertaken. As such, DRLabs will act
an in-house incubator for nascent ideas. For the DigitalRoute community of employees,
partners and customers this is an exciting advancement. It will foster a spirit of
co-operation and innovation across those working with MediationZone(R), the DigitalRoute
platform, and help ensure that innovation is customer validated from the outset.

A number of initiatives are already in progress within DRLabs. Notable among them is
DaggerEngine, DigitalRoute’s mediation integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) project.
This aims to provide automated decisioning solutions that will become available to
customers who previously would not have been able to access advanced MediationZone
technology through more traditional delivery mechanisms.

Funding for DRLabs comes in part from a recently announced grant awarded by VINNOVA -
the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems. VINNOVA’s mission is to strengthen
Sweden’s innovativeness, aiding sustainable growth and benefiting society. 58 different
projects in several areas recently won awards the purpose of which was to encourage small
and medium sized Swedish companies to increase their competitiveness by investing in
research and development. DigitalRoute received 3.5m SEK, the largest IT industry award

Commented Jan Karlsson, Chief Executive Officer, DigitalRoute: “DigitalRoute was
founded twelve years ago based on a creative vision that the area of telecoms billing
mediation could be re-invented by the application of new technologies. Today
MediationZone, which now has over 260 customers around the globe, attests to what can be
achieved if creativity is given the opportunity to be disruptive.”

Karlsson continued, “DRLabs is building on and extending this DNA of innovation that
sits at the core of DigitalRoute. For our community, the prospect of what might be
achieved, as evidenced by the first wave of projects now being undertaken, is truly

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