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NAO, the Best Robot for Education

November 22, 2012

PARIS, November 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Last October, NAO was named the best robot for education as part of the “Robot Hall of
Fame(R) [http://www.robothalloffame.org ]” Competition organized by Carnegie Mellon.

ALDEBARAN Robotics, a global leader in humanoid robotics and academic partner of some
of the most prestigious universities, schools, and laboratories, is proud to announce that
NAO is the most widely used humanoid robot for learning STEM and is additionally open to
extra-curricular activities in raising awareness of the sciences in museums, and more
broadly, to core businesses of the future.

Two years following its introduction into STEM classes, the number of
secondary-education institutions that have NAOs has exceeded 200 across the world.

NAO is an interactive, fully programmable humanoid robot which is being continuously
developed and which meets the requirements of educational methods that are based on
experimentation and analysis. From learning about robotics to the development of STEM
skills, NAO has already proved itself in classes of all levels, and since August 2012,
even as part of a summer school.

This was the case of the Connecticut Science Center [http://www.ctsciencecenter.org ]
which uses NAO in the framework of raising STEM awareness, by means of specialist
workshops aimed at young people aged between 6 and 18 years old.

Its user-friendly programming environment favours learning about programming, in
addition to the illustration of abstract concepts, mathematical theories, the principles
of physics, electronics, or computing science.

Timothy Gifford, researcher at UConn, and CEO of Movia Robotics
[http://moviarobotics.com ] is a partner of the Connecticut Science Center. He is persuaded
by NAO’s educational potential, and has therefore committed himself to promoting and
encouraging an educational solution based on NAO. Along with parallel workshops dedicated
to learning about STEM, NAO welcomes young visitors at the entrance to the museum, and
which can also interact with them via a graphic interface specially designed for this

“NAO has been a great tool that supports our workshops. It is a fully realized and
implemented robot that is ready to go right out of the box. Some students are more
interested in applied robotics than in constructing a robot from a kit. NAO has provided
us with an exciting tool to teach students robotics, to introduce robotics related
concepts and show how robots can be applied in the real world,” explains Timothy Gifford.

ALDEBARAN Robotics Founder and Chairman Bruno Maisonnier says: “With NAO in the
schools, students are faced with tangible applications in innovation. A humanoid robot is
packed with the latest technology, bringing together the most avant-garde science and
techniques. One just has to applaud this raising of awareness happening throughout the

In a bid to energise science and technology curricula, and to better implement its
teaching solution in the classroom, ALDEBARAN Robotics intends to provide teachers with
content that is suitable to their course programme, starting next December. It will be a
turnkey solution complete with a new product offer, the NAO Ankle Kit. This NAO
sub-assembly will allow students to study and understand better how the world’s most used
humanoid robot functions at both the mechanical and electronic levels.

About ALDEBARAN Robotics

Founded in July 2005 by Bruno Maisonnier and established in France, the United States
and China, ALDEBARAN Robotics designs, produces and sells humanoid robots in order to
contribute to Mankind’s well-being. There are currently over 3,000 units of the first NAO
robot operating within laboratories and universities in over 70 countries worldwide, to
serve research and teaching. ALDEBARAN Robotics has a team of 230 people – 40% of whom are
engineers and doctors – involved in developing and producing its robots.


Photos: http://www.aldebaran-robotics.com/en/Pressroom/Photography/nao.html

Video : http://youtu.be/TfuwSdoBgnk

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